NEAGC 2024:

Non-stop Lead Generation: Embracing Personalization to Build Your Pipeline

NEAGC 2024

Past giving is often the best indicator of future generosity, making the annual giving donor pool an excellent source of leads for leadership, major, and planned gifts. In a world where 72% of consumers expect personalization — and 76% are disappointed when they don’t receive it — intentional segmentation and personalized outreach at scale are crucial for identifying these leads.

In this session, you’ll learn how the University at Buffalo’s digital gift officer program is capitalizing on personalized outreach at scale to retain and upgrade current donors, build stronger donor relationships, and strategically qualify new major gift prospects.

You’ll Discover:

  • How to enhance 1:1 outreach using video effectively.
  • The importance of cadence-based outreach in breaking through the noise and securing meetings.
  • Strategies for conducting more effective meetings that generate leads and improve donor relationships.
  • Techniques for utilizing direct mail to build a multichannel strategy
  • Why advancements in Generative AI will amplify the scope of personal outreach.

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