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Polite Persistence

EverTrue has partnered with teams across the country to launch Donor Experience (DX) programs that manage thousands of high-potential but overlooked prospects.  We’ve learned a thing or two from the high-volume, highly-personalized outreach that happens through DX programs. 

In the for-profit world, it takes 14 touchpoints for a company to receive a reply from a target customer. We gathered data from all of our DX partners, and found that while this number is significantly lower for higher ed institutions (thanks to built-in brand recognition and affinity with your alums), Polite Persistence is still the name of the game. 

It takes an average of 6.6 actions to earn a meeting.


"That first outreach only gets responses from 5% of folks. It’s the persistence of following up a few days later… Then we get 10-14% response rates."

Ready to get politely persistent? From video messages to breakup emails and 1-2 “punches” in between, we’re breaking it down with the THREE things you need to get started today.

The Intro Email


The Cadence Calendar


The Breakup Letter



Intro Email

The intro email is your opportunity to make a great first impression with a whole new batch of prospects who have been overlooked by their alma mater for years. Although our data shows it’s unlikely you’ll receive a response to the intro email, it’s a really important step in the cadence process and will set the tone for further interactions.

Pro Tip: Including a video with your intro email allows prospects to put a name to a face. It also gives you a chance to sneak a familiar prop or visual in the background. 


Cadence Calendar

Moving thousands of donors through outreach cadences takes a carefully curated mix of strategy, people, and technology.

But, you can get proof of concept by identifying 25 of your next-best prospects and moving them through a 30-day outreach cadence. This cadence calendar includes tried-and-true content and text suggestions from our EverTrue DX partners.


Breakup Letter

We’re all about Polite Persistence here at EverTrue. But, we’re not too big to admit – in love and in fundraising – there comes a time when you must move on.

What is it about that fifth or sixth outreach point to a donor that grabs their attention? DXOs send a “breakup” email. No one likes to be broken up with – so more often than not, they receive a positive response from donors. 

"No. Wait. I do care about WKU, I’ve just been really busy!”

What are you waiting for?

Polite Persistence is a main component of the EverTrue Donor Experience approach.
Download the Donor Experience Starter Kit and you’ll be well on your way to booking more meetings and making more connections. Test a cadence on a group of 25 of your next-best prospects – and let us know how you make out!