Volunteer Managers

Build a team of volunteers

Ditch the spreadsheets and give peer-to-peer fundraisers the real-time information they need to make calls, manage assignments, and steward gifts.

Give every volunteer real-time information and mobile-first tools to get the job done

Identify new volunteers

Build an army of passionate volunteers. In EverTrue, you’ll immediately identify your most-engaged donors who are just waiting to help spread your mission.

Organize volunteers and prospects without spreadsheets

Group volunteers and prospects into affinity, class, or reunion-based pools and then easily create assignments. It’s all your administrative tools, all in one platform. (And it’s super-mobile, too.)

Capture prospect insights from volunteers

Don’t let volunteer work sit in a silo. When a volunteer logs a prospect interaction, the interaction flows into EverTrue so anyone in your office can take advantage of the data.

Know how volunteers are performing

Is your program driving fundraising results? Monitor dollars raised, participation, and volunteer activity to ensure you’re on track to meet program goals.

Arm your volunteers with modern tools

Volunteer by EverTrue makes it easy for volunteers to reach out to peers in a personal and authentic way. Help your peer-to-peer fundraisers make effective asks, log interactions, and see the impact of their work.

Once volunteers know who to ask and what they care about, closing gifts is simple

EverTrue makes it easy to connect volunteers and potential donors around their shared interests, helping each turn their passions into support for your organization.

When you empower your biggest fans to become your best fundraisers, you also create a better experience for donors. And who doesn’t want that?

Features for Volunteer Management

"We have folks who just really want to have the immediacy of 'Who are the five people you need me to contact this week and how can I reach them best?' and for folks like that we've found really great success using Volunteer by EverTrue."