Culture First: How to lead a shop where fundraisers love to work

We hear it from leaders in the advancement industry daily:  hiring and retaining top talent post-Covid is a monumental challenge — and one with no clear solution forward.  

Mo Cotton Kelly, the University of Connecticut Foundation’s Senior Vice President for Stakeholder Engagement and Chief Operating Officer, knows “When you enact change with vision, intentionality, kindness, you can do almost anything.”

In this discussion, Mo and EverTrue’s CEO Brent Grinna covered:

  • Strategies for success when designing a mission-driven work experience that keeps up with an evolving workforce 
  • What to strive for when recruiting and retaining top industry talent
  • The importance of remaining flexible – The “Gumby Initiative”
  • How the UConn Foundation is leading a hybrid workplace, and the benefits (and challenges) in doing so
  • Ways to support and grow a diverse staff and prepare underrepresented groups for leadership roles
  • Tips for getting your staff focused on the mission and rowing in the same direction
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