Donor-Centric Strategy

How the Indiana University Foundation is breaking down silos and engaging more donors

With two large campuses, several regional campuses, and 770,000 alumni worldwide, the team at the Indiana University Foundation has no shortage of donors to engage – and they need to think strategically about how to make it happen.

IU’s Senior Director of Individual Giving, Jordan Hanscom, joined us live to share how her team is approaching donor engagement and fostering cross-campus collaboration, all while building a robust talent pipeline.

Tune in as she discusses:

  • The Indiana University Foundation’s journey to a donor-centric approach, prioritizing the needs and experiences of donors, and ultimately increasing engagement and support 
  • How they are building a robust talent pipeline that fosters cross-campus collaboration and breaks down organizational silos
  • An inside-look at how their Donor Experience program has leveled-up donor engagement by emphasizing personalized outreach – including a 258% increase in activities within their first full year of the program.
  • Where the team is looking next on their donor engagement journey.