Micro-campaign planning workbook

WORKBOOK: Micro-campaign planning How Williams College creates targeted campaigns that inspire donations “We need more engagement!”“We need more young alumni donors!”“We need funding for this priority project!” Sound familiar? Advancement shops across the country run up against the need to fund priority projects or engage target populations, and standard solicitation campaigns aren’t always the standard […]

Important vs. Urgent: What’s Your Matrix?

TEMPLATE: Important vs. Urgent What’s your Matrix? When the quiet times hit, your first task should be to create your own Important vs Urgent Matrix. Focus on the Important side of the square and use it to perform outreach to donors you might usually overlook because urgency pulls your attention elsewhere. If you catch yourself saying, “I’d […]

Team Playbook: Giving Day Follow-up

TEAM PLAYBOOK: Giving Day Follow-up Welcome to your team’s comprehensive playbook for giving day follow-up.   Giving days are so important. But so are the days after. Don’t lose your momentum. We’ll show you how to structure follow-up; assess social media engagement, giving patterns, net worth, job changes, and interests; and get more major gift […]

The DX Starter Kit

TEMPLATE: #DXbyET The DX Starter Kit It’s time to get Politely Persistent. Polite Persistence is a big part of the EverTrue Donor Experience approach. Download the DX Starter Kit  to receive:  A detailed, one-month cadence calendar  Four email templates, including an intro email and a breakup email  A LinkedIn message request template Phone call and voicemail guides Template […]

The Giving Funnel Checklist

It’s time to The Giving Funnel represents an “all hands on” approach to discovering, uplifting, and celebrating the community that surrounds your school.  If you’ve already learned about the giving funnel, you’re now ready to put it to action.  Use this checklist to evaluate your people, strategy, and technology at each stage of the funnel. Download the […]

Onboarding New Gift Officers

TEMPLATE: Onboarding New Gift Officers Use this Template to Get New Development Officers Up to Speed Checklist for onboarding gift officers We’ve created an easy-to-follow, customizable checklist for getting new hires ramped up. Use this as a template to fit your needs and make sure every new gift officer has what they need to become […]