Webinar: Finance + Donor Relations: Bridging the gaps of endowment reporting

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Finance + Donor Relations: Bridging the divide of endowment reporting This webinar walks through an all-in-one solution to end the woes of disparate and disconnected endowment reporting.  Donor Relations pros: Send this to your fierce Finance friends. Finance experts: Send this to your delightful Donor Relations doers. We showcase how to (finally) bridge the […]

Webinar: On-demand direct mail bootcamp

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: On-demand Direct Mail Bootcamp Karli Oosterbaan Hannah Davis Take what you think you know about direct mail and throw it away! We’re talking on-demand direct mail. You may be thinking…”Direct mail = snail mail”. We’re used to long lead times, extensive planning, and plenty of back-and-forth. But what if we told you there […]

Webinar: Campus Creators by EverTrue

WEBINAR: How TCU turned student callers into Campus Creators David Nolan Texas Christian University Harrison Klutz Texas Christian University JD Beebe EverTrue Aimee Furrie EverTrue Across the board, less than 2% of alumni hear 1:1 from their alma maters. Mass-marketing appeals can’t keep up with alums’ expectations for personalization. As a result, fewer and fewer […]

Webinar: We Met on Campus

WEBINAR: We Met on Campus Keith Maneri Co-Founder of ThankView Dennis Lawrence Senior Customer Success Manager Philanthropy is love! Our alma maters give us the tangibles like degrees and certificates that alter the course of our careers and lives. They also give us human connections, friends, and mentors.  And, sometimes – for those of us […]

Webinar: Annual Giving = Lead Generation

Annual giving = lead-gen

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Annual Giving = Lead Generation Nick Linde University of Nebraska Foundation Alessandra Demmons University of California, Berkeley Mike Nagel EverTrue In this conversation on reimagining annual giving with Dr. Nick Linde, Vice President of Advancement at the University of Nebraska Foundation and Alessandra Demmons, Director of Pipeline Development at the University of California, […]

Webinar: Connections that Convert with Williams College

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Connections that Convert with Williams College How to create targeted campaigns that inspire donations Hannah Davis EverTrue Kelan O’Brien Williams College “We need more engagement!”“We need more young alumni donors!”“We need funding for this priority project!” Sound familiar? Advancement shops across the country run up against the need to fund priority projects or […]

Webinar: New Year, New You: Building Your Personal Brand

BUILDING YOUR Personal Brand Kathryn Van Sickle Host: The Development Debrief Kim Nyoni Host: Mentorship Matters Heading out on a first-time donor meeting? Prepping for a conference presentation? Soliciting a prospect for a major gift? Interviewing for a new position?  Your personal brand is what will help you shine early and clearly. On this webinar, […]

Show Me the Money: Incentive Comp with UNH

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Show Me the Money: Talking Incentive Comp with UNH Troy Finn University of New Hampshire Hannah Davis EverTrue Mike Nagel EverTrue Incentive compensation. Performance pay. These don’t belong in higher ed. Or do they? Four years ago, when the University of New Hampshire launched the quiet phase of its current campaign, it also rolled out a new program: […]

Fundraising in 2023 & Beyond

Fundraising in 2023 and beyond

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Fundraising in 2023 & Beyond Amanda Trabue VP of Philanthropy and Engagement Western Kentucky University Joanna Curtis VP of Advancement University of Memphis How should leaders evolve and equip their teams today to meet the challenges of tomorrow? Join a conversation with two VPs who have embraced new technology, roles, and approaches at […]

Hang Up the Phonathon: How Wyoming’s Big Shift Drove ROI​

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Hang Up the Phonathon: How Wyoming’s Big Shift Drove ROI Clancee Rea Director of Annual Giving and DX University of Wyoming Doug Hammond Donor Experience Officer University of Wyoming Sarah Erickson Donor Experience Officer University of Wyoming Hailey Dungan Donor Experience Officer University of Wyoming In 2021, the University of Wyoming Foundation transitioned […]

Ask Me Anything: Donor Experience

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Ask Me Anything: Donor Experience What is a Donor Experience Officer? What does a DXO do every day? How does their work strategy and style differ from traditional fundraising? What is the DXO value add? What does a Donor Experience partnership with EverTrue look like? On this webinar, you’ll hear first-hand from three […]

Year 1 of the Donor Experience Academy


ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Year 1 of the Donor Experience Academy with Emory One year ago, Emory University launched the first-ever Donor Experience Academy — a program designed to train new fundraisers in the art of high-volume, highly personalized donor engagement. Join this conversation with Elizabeth Chapman, Managing Director of the DX Academy, to learn what worked, […]