Data, Efficiency, AI, and Revolutionizing Relationship-Based Fundraising

Nick Linde

VP of Advancement
University of Nebraska Foundation

Brent Grinna

Founder and CEO

Earlier this month, the University of Nebraska Foundation’s VP of Advancement Nick Linde and EverTrue’s CEO Brent Grinna packed the room at the AGB Foundation Leadership conference to discuss how to revolutionize relationship-based fundraising with AI and smart data.

Now, they’re bringing this discussion to the webinar stage. Tune in as they delve into groundbreaking insights on gift officer performance, providing invaluable guidance for leaders seeking to make strategic decisions.

Discover how your organization can leverage the power of AI and automation to enhance fundraiser efficiency and revolutionize one-on-one development efforts. You’ll see examples being put into practice across the advancement sector and learn about potential opportunities to maximize your team’s potential and elevate relationship-based fundraising to new heights.

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