Connections that Convert
with Williams College

How to create targeted campaigns that inspire donations

Hannah Davis


Kelan O'Brien

Williams College

“We need more engagement!”
“We need more young alumni donors!”
“We need funding for this priority project!”

Sound familiar? Advancement shops across the country run up against the need to fund priority projects or engage certain populations, and standard solicitation campaigns aren’t always the standard for success. Enter: micro-campaigns.

Williams College’s strategy surrounding micro-campaigns is intentional, and it works. This interactive, workshop-style session will dive into the successes they’ve seen, the tools they’ve found most helpful, and how you can implement similar strategies at your institution.

Tune in to learn: 

  • Ideas to tie micro-campaigns into your overall solicitation calendar
  • Strategies to engage hard-to-reach donor populations
  • A planning template you can bring back to your team and get started with!

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