Endowment Reporting at Large Institutions

Lynne M Wester Headshot

Lynne Wester


Brandy Polo

UNC Chapel Hill

If you manage endowment reporting at a large institution, you know the complexities that come with reporting processes. The good news? Institutions across the country face the same challenges – and overcome them with the help of on-demand digital endowment reporting. 

In this webinar, Lynne Wester from DRGroup tackled some of the biggest questions surrounding:

  • The complexities large institutions all face with endowment reporting
  • Best practices for communicating effectively with stakeholders
  • Strategies for streamlining reporting processes, reducing errors, and saving time
  • Real examples of successful endowment reporting initiatives at large institutions.

Hear how YOUR peer institutions are implementing digital endowment reporting, and leave with tips and tricks to up your endowment reporting game.