Signal by EverTrue Unveiled

AI, Automation, and Accountability for Fundraising Success

Imagine a fundraising landscape where accountability reigns supreme, where every prospect is engaged with personalized and consistent outreach, nurturing them at every touchpoint. A world where efficiency isn’t merely an aspiration—it’s a tangible reality that transforms organizations.

This future of fundraising is not a distant dream; it’s here and now.

On this webinar, we unveiled the blueprint for transforming your organization into this dynamic fundraising powerhouse: Signal by EverTrue. Discover how cadenced-based outreach, driven by AI-powered tools, can revolutionize your team’s approach, leading to increased interactions, visits, and ultimately, gifts.

What we covered: 

  • AI and Automation: Learn how you can harness the potential of AI-driven, cadence-based outreach to revolutionize your team’s fundraising approach, leading to increased interactions and ultimately, philanthropic gifts.
  • Early Adopter Insights: Hear firsthand from industry leaders like AVP for Collegiate Development and Annual Giving Nate Clapham, and VP of Development and Alumni Relations Brett Riley. Learn how they are leveraging polite persistence and cadenced outreach to maximize coverage across their donor database.
  • Live Demo: Get an exclusive showcase of Signal by EverTrue’s cutting-edge functionality. Experience its innovative features and user-friendly interface firsthand, and see how it can seamlessly integrate into your fundraising strategy.

Watch the Recording