The Solas Group is
Joining EverTrue!

By combining the leader in data engineering, predictive modeling, and analytics with EverTrue’s user-friendly platform, we are one step closer to building the advancement sector’s most holistic technology solution.


The leader in fundraising analytics joins the leading donor engagement platform.

The Solas Group are all about helping advancement leaders see and understand fundraising activity. EverTrue customers will now be able to confidently make faster decisions backed by clear data insights.

Sample Dashboard courtesy of The Solas Group

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Frequently asked questions

Nothing! You’ll still use EverTrue to track engagement, identify new prospects, and build highly-targeted lists for events, appeals, and campaigns.

As EverTrue continues our mission to innovate and integrate industry-leading technology, you can look forward to an expanded suite of product and services offerings that support your fundraising and stewardship efforts.

The Solas Group offers services in predictive modeling and analytics dashboards designed to help fundraising teams raise more money.

  • Predictive Modeling: The Solas Group has pioneered point-in-time methodology and AI modeling techniques to produce models with unparalleled predictive capabilities. These models pair with interactive dashboards to help clients make timely and effective use of their results.

  • Analytics: More than 75 industry-leading analytics dashboards designed to help advancement professionals find prospects, analyze performance, observe trends, and seize opportunities to raise more money.

By combining the leader in advancement  analytics with EverTrue’s industry-defining data set and user-friendly platform, we are one step closer to building the advancement sector’s most holistic technology solution. 

With this acquisition, EverTrue customers will be able to confidently make faster decisions backed by dashboards that quickly reveal mission-critical information. The faster you receive insights, the faster you can reach your fundraising goals.

Organizations that utilize advanced data visualization dashboards outperform their contemporaries by a wide margin and are:

  • 2x more likely to be in the top quartile of financial performance within their industry

  • 5x more likely to make decisions much faster than market peers (Source: Bain & Company)

Well-visualized data shortens the time needed to absorb mission-critical information and quickly reveals trends or outliers. Managers in organizations with visual data recovery tools are 28% more likely to find timely information than those who rely on managed reporting and dashboards. What’s more, 48% of these managers can find the data they need without the help of I.T. staff. (Source: Tableau)

Well, we should fix that, shouldn’t we? Request an EverTrue demo and be sure to join our LinkedIn live Q&A with EverTrue CEO Brent Grinna, President JD Beebe, and Solas Group partners Erin Moran and Ron Eisenstien on Friday, March 4 @ 12PM EST. 

“Solas has been incredibly helpful for managers to assess, in a given moment, how well they and their team are doing and it allows people at the leadership level to see who the top performers are across the entire institution.”

David Lively,
Northwestern University

“Solas has enhanced our total operation. The credibility that fundraisers build into the work they're doing is tied to data, so if you can talk about that data, reference it, and know the points that are salient related to the work it's incredible what you can achieve.”

Molly Robb-Shimko,
Seton Hill University

“I'm over the moon excited for Solas to become part of the EverTrue product - especially the DXO program which is one of the most successful innovations I've seen in advancement in the last 20 years.”

Ben Storck,
University of Nebraska

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