The first and only continually updated constituent record

Always-fresh insights for fundraisers

EverTrue turns static donor records into living, breathing, ever-changing profiles by connecting to dozens of sources of engagement, biographic, and wealth data. 

We help you build deeper relationships with every person by revealing who they are today and what they care about.

Track, score, and use digital engagement

EverTrue is the only platform that reveals who’s interacting with your Facebook Pages, how often, and on what topics. Understand engagement to acquire new donors, retain existing ones, and easily identify major gift prospects.

Connect your Graduway platform to track platform usage, ThankView to record video views, and Eventbrite to sync event attendance to EverTrue profiles. See all integrations.

Identify new prospects, automatically

Combine engagement insights with donor interests (compiled via Twitter activity), enriched career data, neighborhood income, and real estate values to find overlooked prospects. 

Build and save searches for ongoing, automatic notifications when new prospects raise their hand via Facebook, make a gift, come to an event, or change jobs.

A wealth of wealth indicators

Net worth calculations, home values, median incomes, wealthy neighborhoods and more are available within seconds thanks to information the U.S. Census and more.

Personalize every appeal and invitation

EverTrue makes it easy to build interest- and engagement-based lists for regional events, crowdfunding programs, or highly segmented annual giving appeals. 

Keep tabs on your alumni

Machine-matched career data includes job title, company, and location. It’s searchable and fills the gaps for your constituents.

Upgrade to human-verified Career Moves to automatically track alumni job changes as they happen.

EverTrue's profiles include

“We’ve wanted to focus on connecting with our donors’ passions and now we’re able to do that in new ways. This has the potential to open the doors for major gifts, annual giving, and alumni relations as we try to engage our constituents in ways that add meaning for their lives and for Oklahoma State University.”

Chris Campbell,
Senior Associate Vice President of Information Strategy at the Oklahoma State University Foundation