Evertrue + Windfall

Let's make it rain

43% of your most-engaged current leadership-and-above donors are unassigned.
Reverse that trend and put a spotlight on your best potential prospects. 

Stop missing your best prospects

With our Windfall integration, we bring precise net worth estimates for $1MM+ households plus dozens of wealth indicators to TrueView profiles. In seconds, you’ll identify your most engaged wealthy prospects and put the best potential donors in front of your fundraisers.

Use always-fresh insights

Windfall screens every record, delivering results for constituents worth $1MM+, and we update that data regularly. By including net worth among the continually refreshed insights in our TrueView profiles, you’ll know who your wealthiest prospects are, where they live, how they engage with you on Facebook or at events, their interests, their career paths, how they give, and more.

Accuracy without effort

EverTrue and Windfall integrate directly, so once you activate this premium feature, we add it to TrueView profiles for you — no new data ingestion or mapping required. (And you can also export that information directly from EverTrue if you want.)

Automatically uncover and qualify the best prospects

95.5% of all high net worth prospects are unassigned.

Set up automatic alerts for when affluent prospects raise their hand with their engagement or giving. With easily customized saved searches, you can combine net worth and other Windfall wealth indicators, such as private foundations, business ownership, and charitable contributions with our 80+ search filters for simple prospect discovery and qualification.

Went from 8,000 rated prospects to more than 38,000.

“Having Windfall’s net worth calculations, EverTrue’s engagement insights, and giving information all in one place makes prospect analysis and discovery much easier. This week alone, EverTrue alerted me to 53 new prospects with high net worth scores who are unassigned donors.”

Ryan Bagley,
AVP of University Development and Alumni Relations

With EverTrue + Windfall, we'll reveal your highest-capacity donors so you can see who's engaged, unassigned, what their interests are, and the best ways to connect with them. Let's build pipeline, together!