Our mission is to build relationships in pursuit of a better world.

Our CEO Brent Grinna founded EverTrue to bring the technological advances of the for-profit sector to the mission-driven nonprofit world.

“I volunteered to help with my reunion fundraising campaign for my college. During that process, I was equipped with spreadsheets filled mostly with out-of-date information, which made it challenging for me to effectively reach out to my classmates and prioritize my efforts.

I went on to learn that nonprofits raise $300 billion a year in spite of this inaccurate or inaccessible data. As donor information rapidly shifted from legacy databases to social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, I saw an opportunity to connect donors and nonprofits with highly accurate information accessible through intuitive interfaces. That was the catalyst for founding EverTrue.”

The Leadership Team

Brent Grinna | CEO & Co-founder
Brent Grinna | CEO & Co-founder rollover

Brent GrinnaCEO & Founder

Niall Hawkins | Chief Financial Officer
Niall Hawkins | Chief Financial Officer rollover

Niall HawkinsChief Financial Officer

Elisabeth Bentel Carpenter | Chief Operating Officer
Elisabeth Bentel Carpenter | Chief Operating Officer rollover

Elisabeth Bentel CarpenterChief Operating Officer

Matt Sly | Vice President of Product
Matt Sly | Vice President of Product rollover

Matt SlyVice President of Product

Mark Greene | Lead Architect
Mark Greene | Lead Architect rollover

Mark GreeneDirector of Platform Engineering

Erik Rapp | Director of Sales and Client Relations
Erik Rapp | Director of Sales and Client Relations rollover

Erik RappDirector of Sales and Account Management

Work at EverTrue

If you’re looking to join a passionate, mission-driven team, the EverCrew is it. We’re all about building relationships, and that doesn’t stop with our customers. The team eats lunch together every Wednesday (on the company’s tab), competes in Fitbit and Ping-Pong challenges together, and occasionally spends long hours at the office together (because we’re really excited about a project or we’re meeting for our monthly Game Night or Cocktail Club). We even built our office together:

Located in Boston’s lively Fort Point neighborhood, EverTrue is close to public transportation, parking, and Hubway (we also have our own in-office bike rack). And that’s just part of the reason we were recognized as having one of Boston’s Best Company Cultures!

We also offer an unlimited vacation policy and a TrueAdventure bonus to help you make the most of your vacation. And our comprehensive Employee Benefits Plan includes a 401k-match and top shelf health, dental, vision, and life plans.

Explore Job Opportunities

We’re looking for great people. You’re looking for great culture. This will work out quite nicely.

Business Development Representative

As our company continues to expand, we need someone with 1 - 3 years of prospecting experience, or a recent graduate with excellent leadership and internship experience, to take their career to the next level and to play a key role in the growth of EverTrue. Learn More

Senior Software Engineer

EverTrue is looking to add a senior member to heavily influence the technical direction of an existing motivated team. This team currently owns projects that span both Ruby and Java tech stacks. A background in both is desired but depth in the Ruby stack is required.Learn More

Senior UI/UX Designer

You’ll be part of our Product Development team and work closely with front-end and platform engineers, product managers, and other designers. You’ll be heavily involved in all stages of the product development process — Ideation, Design, Delivery, Refinement — and the products you create will ship early and often.Learn More