Our Story

We started as class officers, alumni club leaders, and annual fund volunteers. Grateful for the generosity of donors who helped fund our education, we committed ourselves to inspiring our peers to support the next generation. Now, we’ve extended our commitment to helping Development and Advancement offices everywhere.

We’re passionate about connecting people through shared experiences, which led us to become some of the first members of Facebook and LinkedIn; social is at the core of who we are and everything we do.

Frustrated by legacy software vendors, we design for the user first and believe that innovative apps and intuitive user experiences should be inherently linked not mutually exclusive.

We support open platforms and collaborative developer ecosystems. Because, together, we can reimagine the fundraising industry and follow our mission of building relationships in pursuit of a better world.

We Are EverTrue.

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Our Team

Brent Grinna CEO & Founder
Niall Hawkins Chief Financial Officer
Elisabeth Bentel Carpenter Chief Operating Officer
Matt Sly Vice President of Product
Lisa Skinner Director, Marketing and Demand Generation
Mark Greene Lead Architect
Eric Carlstrom Co-Founder, Data & Innovation
Andrew Hammond Developer
Andrew Reda Intern
Anna Brown Developer
Bob Breznak Developer
Jesse Bardo Alumni Engagement
Courtney Camps Client Services
Courtney Petrouski Content Specialist
Drew Burch Developer
David Ohayon Developer
Ehren Foss Problem Solver
Eric Herot Dev Ops Engineer
Hai Zhou Developer
Harvey Simmons Marketing
Jeff Byrnes Dev Ops Engineer
Jim Zimmerman Chief Evangelist
Joanna Vinick Partner Success
Julie Reitter Front End Engineer
Kathryn Crimmins Chief of Staff
Mat Budelman User Experience Designer
Maurice Smith Customer Experience Evangelist
Meredith Nelson Relationship Manager
Mike Palladino Alumni Engagement
Pin-Bo Tsai Design
PJ Gray Developer
Trubot Ultimate Helper