EverTrue for Alumni Relations

Track your engagement efforts and deepen your connection with alumni

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EverTrue's solutions for alumni relation help you track alumni engagement and segment constituents to increase affinity for your institution. Combining a self-service list builder, location-based intelligence, and integrations with LinkedIn and Facebook, EverTrue makes it easier to build a volunteer pipeline, grow your social presence, and increase event attendance to support a strong alumni community.

Monitor Social Media Engagement

EverTrue is your window into the interests and passions of alumni. In real time, track who’s engaging with your institution on Facebook and what content is resonating most. Then tie that data to fundraising dollars and development efforts.

EverTrue helps us open the door and have conversations with alumni. We can see who's actually engaged so we can better target our outreach.

Mandy Ray, Director of Alumni Affairs and Advancement Events at Salem State University

Identify Your Biggest Fans

Need to find alumni for volunteer or mentorship opportunities? Filter through your constituent lists and EverTrue’s social integrations to dig up highly engaged alumni who’d be perfect for the job.

Invite the Right People to Events

Don’t let your outreach fall on deaf ears. Quickly segment constituents to build targeted invite lists for anything from regional events to reunion.

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Give Alumni a Place to Network

Help alumni connect with each other no matter where they are in the world. EverTrue Alumni Community packages up your institutional network into a secure web, iOS, and Android mobile directory just for alumni.

The lasting connection between 'Brother Rats' [VMI graduates] is made even stronger thanks to the EverTrue Alumni Community app.

Jackie Flint, Alumni Services Coordinator at the Virginia Military Institute


With Facebook insights in EverTrue, I can find great alumni and parents who are more open to having a conversation with the College. They are showing that they are connected with Union even if they haven’t given a gift or attended an event.

Marna Redding, Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement at Union College

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A sampling of what you get in the alumni relations package


Facebook Counts

Learn the number of Facebook reactions and comments for any constituent in your database.


Facebook Post Analytics

View analytics for all Facebook page posts, including associated giving amounts.


Facebook Filters

Search your constituents by number of Facebook likes, comments, engagement date, and more.


Social Alerts

Get in-app and email notifications when constituents engage with your Facebook pages.


Constituent Profiles

View complete constituent profiles with engagement indicators, giving history, and more.

LinkedIn Career Data

Get updated job and industry information on constituents from LinkedIn.


Powerful Search

Filter across your data and EverTrue’s integrations to find key constituents.


Map of Constituents

See all your constituents—or only a subset—on a map and toggle between address types.


Custom Lists

Build and share constituent lists without the hassle of spreadsheets.

Saved Segments

No need to keep re-running your favorite query. Save it as a segment for easy access.

Export Data

Export lists and segments to a CSV file to use the data however you need.


Recommended Constituents

Discover untapped alumni with our automatic constituent suggestions.