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Alumni Turned Advancement Staff

Alumni Turned Advancement Staff Share Their Stories

Your advancement office. Hundreds of graduating seniors (i.e., your new alumni). Seems like a match made in heaven. When it comes to growing your advancement team, does your institution hire from within? It’s not always easy to find the right candidates for those hard-to-fill positions. A dream applicant is one who is intelligent, has the… Read More

Alumni Events

Are Your Alumni Events Getting Stale? Here’s How to Break Out of the Cycle

Before taking the dive into alumni relations over a year ago, I worked for a direct marketing firm that helped college admissions offices. The work was cyclical in nature; every year you would get a fresh group of high school students and try out different tactics to persuade them to attend University of XYZ. The cadence… Read More

Donor Segmentation

3 Case Studies of Donor (and Consumer) Segmentation in Action

Hypothesis formed? Check. Data collected? Check. Tests in the field? Check. Hypothesis modified, confirmed, or debunked? Check. Insight achieved? Check. Now what? In my last few posts, I talked about how the collection of varied data can provide insight into your donors’ interests, desires, and personal triggers and how you can use that information to… Read More


How to Get to Know Your Prospects & Donors Better Using Facebook Reactions

Chances are, you’ve heard of—or used—Facebook’s new Reactions feature. Released earlier this year, Reactions make it possible to express how you feel about a status in a variety of ways. Now, not only can you tap the Like button, but you can also react to a post using the Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, or Angry… Read More

portfolio image blog post copy

Fiscal Year Planning for the Major Gifts Officer… Where to Start?

For most gift officers, the summer months can be slow. Our donors are away on vacation, meaning they’re less likely to respond to our emails and calls, let alone meet with us. So, what can you do over the summer (besides use your own precious vacation days)? In my personal experience, the summer months are… Read More

EverTrue Honor Roll program

Presenting Our First EverTrue Honor Roll Class!

Thank you to everyone who attended Raise 2016 and helped to make our conference a success! Your willingness to join the conversation, exchange ideas, and ask questions was truly a testament to the ground-breaking work happening in the advancement sector today. To cap off our programming at Raise, we held a ceremony to honor the… Read More

Laugh It Up - EverTrue

Laugh It Up: How Schools Are Using Humor to Fundraise

In advertising, as in life, happiness is a powerful emotion. Many companies strive to associate their brands with happiness; instead of crafting ads that educate consumers about their product, they simply try to make people laugh. This can be a great marketing strategy, as research suggests that humor helps us retain information. Take Chik-fil-A’s “Cow”… Read More


Product Release Notes: July 2016

  With fiscal year 2016 on the books (for most institutions, that is), it’s finally time to take a breather and reflect on the past year. What worked? What didn’t? How can you be even more successful this upcoming year? We hope that EverTrue played a part in helping you meet your fundraising and engagement objectives last year, and we… Read More

Donor Segmentation

Could Giving History Be the Best Way to Segment Donors?

Who are your constituents? How do you speak to them? What stories should you tell? Are you sure? Each summer, annual fund teams sit down and plan out the year—what they’ll send, who will get it, and how they’ll receive it. And each year (if you’re like me), you think about who your constituents really… Read More