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4 Tips for Building a High-Performance Culture Around Constructive Feedback

Here at EverTrue, we’re really proud of our culture. We’re a group of passionate, mission-driven folks who love the work we do, so we’re excited to share our thoughts and opinions on what we think will best help our customers and our company. Of course, as with any team, our thoughts and opinions don’t always align with our…

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This Year’s Top 20 Advancement Giving Days

In the past few years, online giving days have exploded in popularity across academic institutions. Although schools continue to see great results with multi-year fundraising campaigns—particularly when utilizing social media—many have found that condensing their efforts into shorter campaigns can be profitable just the same. After all, nothing gets alumni and donors more excited to…

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Bridging the Fundraising Generation Gap

Ashley Reidy is the co-founder of Alumni Fund, a crowdfunding platform for colleges and universities. She has three years of experience working with higher education leaders as a consultant. Feel free to connect with Ashley on Twitter or via email at    We all know that major gifts are the bread and butter of any fundraising office….

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What My EverTrue Internship Taught Me About the Real World

The world of startups is fast-paced and uncertain. Decisions are made constantly about the direction in which the company should proceed, and these companies must learn to immediately adapt to changes in the field and incorporate the ideas and needs of customers. The result is an environment in which you are surrounded by all aspects…

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Relationship Building at ICAA’s 2014 Summer Conference

Last week, I had the privilege of joining my colleague, Jesse Bardo at EverTrue’s second appearance at the ICAA conference. Jesse really pumped up my expectations about the conference based on his experience last year, and I am happy to say that it did not disappoint. We not only got an opportunity to meet face…

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Surveys: Alumni Relations’ Best Friend

Jennifer Cunningham’s job is to find stories in Cornell’s alumni data, then use the findings to help her team turn attendance into engagement. Beyond her day job, you’ll find her speaking at industry conferences, writing articles about engagement, and consulting with other alumni offices and nonprofits on survey design, engagement metrics, and use of Net Promoter. You…

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DePauw’s EverTrue App Gives Student Unparalleled Value

Here at EverTrue, it’s our mission to build relationships. Everything we do is in pursuit of that goal—whether it’s helping our customers engage with their alumni or helping those alumni connect with each other. So we love hearing stories of our customers’ success with the EverTrue app! And that success goes beyond adoption numbers. It extends to…

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EverTrue: The Mission-Based Culture that Internship Dreams Are Made Of

Not long ago, I had the chance to sit down with Brent Grinna for lunch while he told me how he’d been fundraising for his alma mater—Brown University—when he was struck with the need for a better way to connect with alumni. He had that epiphany three years ago, and now he is the successful CEO…

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If You’re a Fundraiser and You’re Not on Social Media, You’re Losing Money

Dan Klamm is Director of Young Alumni Engagement for the NYC office of his alma mater, Syracuse University. He has six years of experience across higher education career services, alumni relations, and marketing. Feel free to connect with Dan on Twitter and LinkedIn.   Gone are the days when social media responsibilities rested solely with a school’s marketing and communication…

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