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How to Get Personal With Annual Giving Segmentation

For most operations, annual giving is the black hole of fundraising: a generic ask to a mass audience without much in the way of personalization. Case in point: I recently received an appeal letter from a medical foundation that I have supported in the past, addressed to “Dear Friend.” They could manage to personalize the… Read More

cloud software

Why Higher-Ed Advancement Should Embrace Cloud Software

“The cloud” is everywhere. You hear about it daily. And it’s terrifying (initially). I’ll self-identify as a control freak; I like knowing where my stuff is and who is touching it. So, having the information I rely on floating out in cyberspace was scary at first. Could someone just grab it? Does it really even belong… Read More


5 Ways to Prioritize Fundraising Prospects

Sometimes, as a researcher, you’re provided with a list of potential prospects—either from your development officer or a wealth screening—and tasked with prioritizing them with little or no asset information. Below are five easy ways to determine which prospects to focus on first. 1. Past Donors If a prospect has given to your organization in… Read More

Release Notes: April

Product Release Notes: April 2016

The EverTrue product team is always plugging away at new features, updates, and improvements to our platform. To keep you up-to-date, this blog series will highlight everything we’ve released in a given month. Whether you’re a customer or just an EverTrue fan (or both!), we hope you’ll follow along as our product evolves and continues to address the challenges that advancement… Read More


Social Media Etiquette: Can a Donor and Fundraiser Be Facebook Friends?

Imagine this: You’ve just had a successful meeting with a prospect. They are engaged with your institution, and your ask didn’t fall on deaf ears. They seem on board to give a major gift via the payment plan you’ve proposed.   And then it comes in: a Facebook friend request from said prospect. The paperwork…


Why We Killed Our Print Marketing Budget

This post is based on an interview with Craig Schmalz, the advancement director at New Life Academy in Woodbury, Minnesota, where he oversees fundraising, marketing, and admissions for the 800-student K-12 Christian day school. At New Life Academy, one of our major challenges is the size (or lack thereof) of our admissions and marketing budget. We’re attempting to overcome… Read More

EverTrue Map

A MapPoint Alternative for Advancement Professionals

Bummed that Microsoft discontinued MapPoint? We hear you. It’s been a staple in advancement offices for years, and without the ability to map your donor data, it can be challenging to plan fundraising trips and events. The good news is, if you’re looking for a MapPoint alternative, EverTrue’s software includes data mapping as a core feature.… Read More

bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders, Higher-Ed Advancement, and Digital Strategy

“Decision 2016” is in full effect all around us. You can’t open a device or stroll past a newsstand (those are still a thing, right?) without hearing about the candidates’ latest moves. While Americans have six more months before they’ll decide on our next commander in chief, higher-ed advancement is faced with a decision of… Read More

channeling your mission

Channeling Your Mission: A Guide to Content Distribution for Nonprofits

Put away your Ouija board. We’re not talking about that kind of channeling. Rather, channeling describes how to use different communication tools to filter your message to the appropriate audience. This strategy aligns well with the annual fundraiser’s desire to provide the right message to the right person, at the right time, in the right… Read More