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Product Release Notes: July 2016

  With fiscal year 2016 on the books (for most institutions, that is), it’s finally time to take a breather and reflect on the past year. What worked? What didn’t? How can you be even more successful this upcoming year? We hope that EverTrue played a part in helping you meet your fundraising and engagement objectives last year, and we… Read More

Donor Segmentation

Could Giving History Be the Best Way to Segment Donors?

Who are your constituents? How do you speak to them? What stories should you tell? Are you sure? Each summer, annual fund teams sit down and plan out the year—what they’ll send, who will get it, and how they’ll receive it. And each year (if you’re like me), you think about who your constituents really… Read More

Conference - EverTrue

Your Guide to Surviving (Thriving!) at a Conference

Advancement professionals are always willing to share what they’re doing with each other. That’s one of the best things about this industry. We don’t compete; we work together to help each other succeed. This kind of teamwork and info-sharing makes conferences especially valuable learning opportunities, no matter how long you’ve been in the nonprofit world.… Read More


A Roundup of 5 Schools Using Pinterest for Alumni Relations

In the digital world of 2016, there’s no shortage of social media platforms for sharing what you’re doing right now (or what you think about what others are doing right now). Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are perfect for conversing with others and voicing your opinions. Pinterest excels in a different area, however. Popular among… Read More


Bundles of Time: Our Micro-Volunteering Program at Longwood University

Finding new ways to engage your alumni base is a persistent challenge. From regional events, to on-campus reunions, to social media content, there are plenty of tactics to consider. At the end of the day, however, the goal is to get alumni to engage under the university’s banner. Here at Longwood University, our alumni relations… Read More

ET Honor Roll Seal

Announcing the EverTrue Honor Roll

It’s been three years since we launched the EverTrue platform, and in that time we’ve been so inspired and excited by how our customers have made the product their own. You come to us for ideas, best practices, and strategies—but in reality, you are the ones that take the technology and give it life. In… Read More

fundraising trip

The 3 Types of Visits Every Gift Officer Should Have

The one-on-one visit is the foundation on which all gift officers build sustainable relationships with donors. Visits can jumpstart a relationship between a donor and a nonprofit or bring current engagement to new levels. They also allow a fundraiser to gain valuable insight into a donor’s motivations, aspirations, and outlook–which can be more difficult to discern… Read More

Snapchat - EverTrue

Get Snappin’: Alumni Engagement in the Era of Snapchat

Snapchat is the biggest social media platform that you’ve never used. While it’s just now expanding into the post-millennial mainstream, Snapchat’s user base is young. Almost half of all Snapchatters are in the 18-24 age bracket. Here are some more SnapStats that should grab your attention: 60% of all smartphone users are on Snapchat Snapchat… Read More


How to Get Your Alumni and Students on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a tremendous tool as we work to strengthen and grow our alumni network at Longwood University. It’s a platform where our alumni can not only connect with each other, but also endorse and recommend one another. Because of this, one of our primary goals as an alumni office is to get as many… Read More