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EverTrue for Gift Officers

Introducing EverTrue for Gift Officers: Helping Road Warriors Work Smarter

“I spend too much time on administrative tasks.” “It takes days to get a report back when I’m planning a trip.” “It’s cumbersome to keep track of my portfolio in spreadsheets.” These are just some of challenges we’ve heard time and again from gift officers. In fact, the results of a survey of 500+ fundraising… Read More

Common Donor Objections

Common Donor Objections and How to Deal With Them

A presidential debate, a fight with a spouse, a meeting with a donor—in the heat of the moment, it can be difficult to keep your wits about you and steer a conversation down the right path. No matter the circumstances, though, you need to be prepared for objections before the conversation begins. This is especially… Read More

EverTrue Feature Roundup

A Roundup of Our Top Feature Releases in 2016

Last year was the biggest and best year yet for EverTrue. We’re excited to continue to help advancement shops raise money and engage alumni with easy access to data and simple workflows. And we’re not done yet. Each month, we continue to add new features to the EverTrue platform—but we did want to take a… Read More

Reunion Planning

How to Bring an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Reunion Planning

The number one thing that alumni anticipate every five years is coming back to campus. They get to reconnect with old friends, relive memories, and check out what’s changed and what hasn’t on their old stomping grounds. For many institutions, reunions are turnkey. The tradition has been present forever or it fits nicely with an… Read More

Annual Giving Volunteers

A Simple Framework for Empowering and Managing Your Annual Fund Volunteers

As an annual giving professional, the most common thing I hear from others in the industry is how much they need volunteers, but how difficult it is to properly engage them and enlist their help. There are hundreds of articles online that offer advice for managing annual fund volunteers. Most of these are written from… Read More

donor feedback on the frontline

Listen and Learn: How to Handle Donor Feedback on the Frontline

I have a good friend who works in the development office of one of the world’s leading universities. Several years ago, he was meeting with young alumni in an effort to raise money for the annual fund. (All people and places will remain nameless is this retelling.) One of those alumni, who had been recommended… Read More

Mike Nagel, EverTrue

From Exeter to EverTrue: My Advancement Journey

I believe in the power of education. I’ve seen it in my own life when great teachers unlocked the beauty of Shakespeare through group readings. When they helped work and re-work drafts of papers before my love of storytelling blossomed into a career. When they helped me see how seemingly unrelated events intersected and crescendoed… Read More

#GivingTuesday 2016 best of

The Greatest #GivingTuesday Campaigns of 2016: Education Edition

  Just when we thought #GivingTuesday had hit its peak in 2015, academic institutions and nonprofits joined forces this year to set yet another new record for the national day of philanthropy: $168 million raised. To put it in perspective, that’s a 44% increase since last year. And over 10x more dollars than #GivingTuesday’s first… Read More

Rutgers University crowdfunding

Rutgers University’s Kyle Post on Digital Fundraising and Crowdfunding

We talked with Kyle Post, director of crowdfunding and digital fundraising at Rutgers University. Kyle has been in this newly created position for a little over a year and shared what he’s learned about crowdfunding during his 15 months on the job. What exactly is a director of digital fundraising? It’s a new position the… Read More