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Facebook Ads - EverTrue

How to Convince Your Boss (and Yourself) that You Need Facebook Ads

It’s 2016, which means cars have Wi-Fi, iPhones don’t have headphone jacks, and most organizations understand the importance of having a solid Facebook strategy. But if you really want to get a head start on the future, you don’t need to buy a self-driving car. Simply upgrade your organization’s digital strategy by using Facebook ads.… Read More

Content Marketing - EverTrue

Here’s How Our Alumni Office Made the Switch to Content Marketing

As higher-ed professionals, we can all agree that a website is one of our strongest marketing tools. Why, then, do so many alumni relations and advancement offices continue to stick with static, out-of-date website models? Sure, static pages are helpful for alumni to find staff contact information, see upcoming events, or check in on reunion.… Read More

Digital Gift Officer - EverTrue

From Content to Cash: The Rise of the Digital Gift Officer

If you missed EverTrue’s Raise 2016, you missed two days of impressive speakers from higher ed and the private sector discussing the various ways we can engage, track, and convert donors via digital media. Part of that was my disclosing of a new role we’re piloting at Cornell: the digital gift officer. The concept? As… Read More

EverTrue for Annual Giving

Announcing EverTrue for Annual Giving: An Online Giving Solution That Puts the Donor First

As I shared in my letter to the advancement community last month, our goal at EverTrue has always been to bring the latest mobile, digital, and social trends to mission-driven organizations. Along the way, we began to ask ourselves: how can we apply these trends to annual giving? How can we equip your office with… Read More

Driving Around With Alumni - EverTrue

Driving Around With Alumni: The Video Marketing Trend You’ll Want to Jump on Board With

What makes watching people drive around in cars so interesting? From Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” segments, drive-around chats with celebrities have attracted millions of views online.   Besides the obvious comedic appeal, these skits are so successful because they help viewers feel a deeper connection with celebrities.… Read More

unrestricted giving vs. restricted giving

Why Restricted Giving Is the Way Forward for Higher Education

According to National Philanthropic Trust, Americans gave over $373 billion dollars in 2015 (a more than four percent increase since 2014). Fifteen percent of those philanthropic dolla­­rs, or $55 billion, went to education—some of which landed at your institution! What isn’t tracked in this data, however, is the percentage of total giving that went to educational institutions… Read More

Understanding and Overcoming Donor Silence - EverTrue

Understanding and Overcoming Donor Silence

During my first month as a major gifts officer at Providence College, I was fortunate enough to secure a visit with a consistent donor who had a high-level finance job at an international firm. The qualification visit went well. He and his wife love their alma mater, and some of their closest friends are major… Read More

Fundraising email best practices

Respect the Inbox: Fundraising Email Best Practices for the Annual Fund

A few weeks ago, I met up with a good friend of mine. As we were catching up, he told me that he had once unsubscribed from his alma mater’s solicitation emails. He wasn’t in a financial position to give at the time, and he felt overwhelmed by the constant emails. But because he unsubscribed from being solicited, he somehow… Read More

Data Analytics From Scratch - EverTrue

How to Perform Fundraising Data Analytics From Scratch

So, you’ve been assigned to work on your organization’s data analytics in order to show what variables are impacting your giving program, where your organization can improve its work processes, or what potential prospects are falling through the cracks. Now what? Don’t panic! If you have a basic understanding of Excel and PowerPoint and know… Read More