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How to Improve Your Next Fundraising Event with Social Data

Events are a proven way to engage with prospects and donors. How can you make sure you are making the most out of every event? Social data is a valuable asset when planning events and when meeting with alumni face-to-face. Here are some ways to put social data into action with your event strategy: Make... Read More


The Ins and Outs of Researching Philanthropic Data

When I first joined APRA Wisconsin 15 years ago, one of the highlights of our spring and fall meetings—besides seeing each other and learning from industry leaders and innovators—was the exchange of annual reports and donor honor rolls. Back then, at the turn of the new millennium, very few of us were posting donor lists... Read More

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Host an “Entrepreneur Day” at Your School [Video]

  With the rise of entrepreneurship programs and innovation labs at schools across the country, entrepreneurship has become a hot topic in higher ed. More students than ever are graduating and going off to start their own businesses—some even from their college dorm rooms. A great way to cultivate your school’s entrepreneurial community is by hosting a “founder’s day.” Not only... Read More


11 Tips for Crowdfunding Success

At Marquette University, we’ve been using crowdfunding for just over a year, and have raised more than $53,000 for 18 different projects in that time. Here is what we have learned. 1. People donate to a cause, not a website. It’s easy to get really hung up on which website you should use for crowdfunding.... Read More

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The Problem With Settling for Flat Alumni Participation

Perhaps Netflix binge-watching is to blame for a new phrase running rampant through the boardrooms of higher-ed advancement offices. The streaming service just released its 3rd season of the addicting prison drama Orange is the New Black, and the antics of Piper, Red, and the rest of the ‘ole gang may be the inspiration for... Read More

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What Motivates Each Generation to Give? [Whitepaper]

When society advances, the generations get older, and current events mold peoples’ opinions and behaviors, all hell breaks loose for fundraisers…. well, all hell could break loose. It is commonly known that groups of people born every 15 to 20 years are given a generation name, characterized as having certain preferences and values. You probably... Read More

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Customer Success Spotlight: Union College and GivingTree

Back in February, we spoke with EverTrue Customer Success Manager Courtney Camps about her experience bringing GivingTree to Boston University. Today, Courtney builds on that success with Union College. I sat down to chat with Courtney about Union’s strong results with the EverTrue platform so far. Check out our Q&A below! What were Union’s goals... Read More

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The Secret to Making an Irresistible Ask

Customization is key. I think this is a maxim any successful fundraiser understands and upholds. Oftentimes, however, organizations don’t personalize the donor experience until after the donation. Handwritten cards, personalized videos, tokens of appreciation—fundraisers are consistently looking to reinvent how to say “thank you.” Don’t get me wrong—these follow-up practices are important. But what about... Read More

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How McGill University Raised Over $300k Through Crowdfunding

What do a football award, a fleet of boats, and an internship in Kenya have in common? They can all be funded by Seeds of Change, McGill University’s crowdfunding platform. In May 2014, McGill took the leap into the emerging world of online, peer-to-peer fundraising with the launch of this platform. Raising over $300,000 in... Read More