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Online = Big Donors: Why Your Major Gift Program Needs Social Media

At BWF_social, Justin Ware has helped plan six- and seven-figure online fundraising campaigns with clients. An Emmy-winning video producer, Justin also helps nonprofits build comprehensive social media and content marketing strategies for donor engagement. You can reach Justin on LinkedIn and Twitter. Quick question for you: where should your organization apply online and social media to... Read More

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EverTrue TV Ep 1: Social Donor Management Overview

Welcome to the first episode of EverTrue TV! Through our ongoing video series, our founder and CEO Brent Grinna—and other guests along the way—will be exploring the emerging methodology of social donor management and how it can streamline your work in advancement to make you (and ultimately your team) more efficient and productive. Watch the... Read More


Why Don’t (Many) Development Leaders Embrace LinkedIn?

Nearly 9 out of every 10 business executives use LinkedIn “often” or “very often” according to BusinessNewsDaily. LinkedIn unquestionably has become the leading professional network and is viewed by many in business as an essential tool in hiring, networking, and building and strengthening the corporation’s brand. Yet many leaders in university advancement don’t seem to... Read More


Break Down Your Silos—Development & Social Media Belong Together

Alex Hanken spent two years working in Marketing and Development at Middlesex School in Concord, MA. A proud alumna of Middlesex and Davidson College, she knows firsthand the power of a strong alumni base (Go ‘Cats!). She is also a passionate advocate and the sponsorship coordinator for Runway for Recovery, a Boston-based platform for the... Read More


The Why & How of Using Facebook Mobile Ads to Get More EverTrue Users

Fortunately for you, Facebook now gives independent schools and higher education institutions the ability to target audiences with mobile ads. You might be sitting there thinking, “I’ve run Facebook ads for years…so what?” Well, although Facebook has allowed you to run targeted ads for its web version, this is the first time Facebook is making... Read More


Who’s on Your Fantasy Advancement Team?

Ok, Fantasy Sports fans! It’s time to apply the fantasy sports model to Advancement. As the self-appointed Fantasy Sports Guru at EverTrue, I was incredibly intrigued when the Case Western team mentioned to me at the recent ICAA conference that some of its members come up with their own Fantasy Advancement Teams as they look... Read More


I Wish I Had EverTrue When I Was Applying For Jobs

Almost everyone I know–including family, friends, and classmates–got their job because of their network. However, it takes a lot of work to make those connections, to forward on contact information, or even to sit down with the appropriate person to get their advice. If I’d had the EverTrue app in the palm of my hand... Read More

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Z is for Zuckerberg

In 2009, Jonathan Meer and Harvey S. Rosen of Stanford University and Princeton University, respectively, published “The ABCs of Charitable Solicitation.” The study sets out to prove that more solicitations lead to higher participation by relying on the fact that donors are targeted in alphabetical order. Screeeeeeeching tires noise. Let’s stop right there. Did they really... Read More


Your Fundraising Team Should Rethink the Way It Solicits Young Alumni

Dan Klamm is a monthly contributor to the EverTrue blog. He serves as Director of Young Alumni Engagement for the NYC office of his alma mater, Syracuse University. He has six years of experience across higher education career services, alumni relations, and marketing. Feel free to connect with Dan on Twitter and LinkedIn.   The millennial generation’s relationship with our... Read More