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The Advancement Technology Landscape 2017

Here’s How 654 Advancement Professionals Rate Their Technology Tools

Advancement has changed tremendously over the past few years. Shops are heading in a donor-first direction and getting smarter than ever when it comes to engaging and soliciting constituents. But has the technology kept up with demand? Do advancement professionals have the right tools to execute on the vision of a connected, efficient, and donor-focused office? We… Read More

metrics goals ft image

How to Track Engagement and Set Goals in Alumni Relations

I’ve been in the higher-education space for the majority of my career, but I spent over five of those years in the private sector as a higher-ed consultant. Now that I’ve transitioned to the public sector as an alumni relations professional, people often ask me how it’s different working at a university than at a company. The… Read More

A Data Management Tool Kit for Prospect Research

A Data Management Tool Kit for the One-Person Research Shop

As the only prospect researcher in my office, I wear a lot of hats. While I spend the majority of my time providing research support for the three departments in our advancement office, that isn’t the only thing I do. I’ve been bestowed the great honor of “Assignment Czar,” functioning as the final authority on… Read More

Digital Advancement Office of the Future: Williams College

The Digital Advancement Office of the Future: Williams College [SlideShare]

  Here’s a teaser of what’s in the SlideShare: Over the past few years, the expectations of donors, volunteers, staff, and leadership have changed. Advancement teams push on in pursuit of higher-than-ever fiscal year targets. Constituents and donors want to be engaged and solicited on their own terms. Volunteers expect tools and user experiences that mirror the technology they’ve grown accustomed… Read More

book recommendations

Book Recommendations for and by Development Professionals

Every January I endure the same self-analysis as the majority of Americans. I look at potential areas of self-improvement and decide—no, resolve—to make changes. One goal always seems to make my New Year’s resolution list: to read more. Reading is like working out. No matter how much you don’t want to do it, you always… Read More

Donor-Centric Solicitations

Are Your Annual Fund Solicitations Actually Donor Centric?

Words are a powerful tool. We are taught from a young age to respect the power of our words and the impact they might have on others. Our words especially make a difference when it comes to fundraising. Our industry talks about being donor centric in the words we use to engage and solicit our… Read More

High performing alumni relations office

The 10 Characteristics of a High-Performing Alumni Relations Office

This article was originally published on the Marts and Lundy blog. Belt-tightening among public and private institutions has alumni relations offices feeling under-resourced. However, this doesn’t always mean a compromise in the quality of the alumni relations operation; we have found 10 basic traits shared by high-performing alumni offices that allow them to effectively serve their… Read More

Facebook Ad Sets

The Secret World of Facebook Ad Sets: Scheduling, Targeting, and Bidding

So you’ve got an alumni audience you want to target with a Facebook ad. Maybe you’ve got a solid clicks-to-website ad planned, or you’re looking to start a conversation with a page post engagement ad. Maybe you’re even encouraging registration to an event by trying out a lead generation ad. (If that was all Greek… Read More


5 Schools That Create BuzzFeed-Inspired Content for Alumni and Students

BuzzFeed has flipped the journalism world on its head. From humorous top-10 lists to high-level news reporting, the tech company excels on both ends of the spectrum—and has done a great job of drawing in a younger audience because of it. Visitors might come for the quizzes, but they stay for the breaking news and… Read More