12 Tips from a Recent Grad on Landing a Job in 2013

As a former EverTrue intern and recent grad, I wanted to chime in with 12 tips for finding entry level work out of college. 1. Make your LinkedIn profile reflect how impressive you are! Here’s mine for comparison. 2. Write a solid resume and a cover letter that you can adapt slightly for each application. […]

ISL Schools on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Let’s compare the different social media platforms and how they are used by the ISL schools. Together, the Facebook pages of the 16 schools have accumulated 17,698 likes. Meanwhile, the LinkedIn groups have acquired 6,152 members and the Twitter feeds have attracted 3,486 followers. This ratio of likes to members to followers varies significantly from school to school, implying that schools prioritize certain platforms over others–and not always the same ones.

LinkedIn is Finally Student-Friendly!

LinkedIn developed as a professional network which found its niche among other social networks in allowing professionals to share their work experience, publish recommendations, post general background information such as education, and offer links to their company websites and their other social media platforms. But what about me?  I plan on being a professional in […]

NMH Tops The Eight Schools For Twitter Followers

I analyzed the usage of Twitter in either general school communications or alumni communications. This excludes accounts which are specific to admissions, current parents, sports teams, arts and music, etc. I found that NMH (@nmhschool) has the most twitter followers among the members of the Eight School Association. Let’s take a look at how the other schools compare:

How Eight School Association Uses LinkedIn

Today, I decided to look at the LinkedIn alumni groups of the Eight Schools Association.  I wanted to evaluate and compare the schools on how well they utilized LinkedIn to connect their alumni. I pulled the numbers of people in the alumni group for each school from LinkedIn and the numbers of current students from […]

Blog Post #1 of Many

My name is Aaron Clayton-Dunn and this is my first day as an “EverTern” (EverTrue intern).  I’ll be here through August. I graduated from Deerfield Academy in 2009, and I’m currently a Music major at Brown University, starting my junior year in the Fall.  I’ve dreamed of being an entrepreneur since I was a kid, and […]