What Motivates Each Generation to Give? [Whitepaper]

When society advances, the generations get older, and current events mold peoples’ opinions and behaviors, all hell breaks loose for fundraisers…. well, all hell could break loose. It is commonly known that groups of people born every 15 to 20 years are given a generation name, characterized as having certain preferences and values. You probably […]

How McGill University Raised Over $300k Through Crowdfunding

What do a football award, a fleet of boats, and an internship in Kenya have in common? They can all be funded by Seeds of Change, McGill University’s crowdfunding platform. In May 2014, McGill took the leap into the emerging world of online, peer-to-peer fundraising with the launch of this platform. Raising over $300,000 in […]

Why Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Is the Future

  Constant connection defines the current generation. Everywhere you go, you’ll be surrounded by people on their phones, connecting with friends via text, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (or perhaps pretending to connect with friends via text, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). People are in constant contact with their social networks and are strongly influenced by what […]

Confessions of a Fundraising Intern

Thirty phone calls, countless Google searches, one generic phone script. And so went a day in my life as a fundraising intern last summer. Don’t get me wrong—I enjoyed my work—but it presented a few challenges that I saw as unnecessary and prompted my interest in EverTrue, a company that, in my opinion, holds the […]