Return to Sender: When Will Physical Addresses Go Away?

While recently attending the Northeast Advancement Services Conference hosted at my alma mater Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), I asked the audience a question: Do we see a time in the future when tracking physical addresses goes away? Sneers, eye-rolling, and a mild case of whiplash in the audience ensued. But I’ve since reflected more […]

Z is for Zuckerberg

In 2009, Jonathan Meer and Harvey S. Rosen of Stanford University and Princeton University, respectively, published “The ABCs of Charitable Solicitation.” The study sets out to prove that more solicitations lead to higher participation by relying on the fact that donors are targeted in alphabetical order. Screeeeeeeching tires noise. Let’s stop right there. Did they really […]

Score! A Book Review

Score! is hot off the presses and offers an excellent introduction to analytics and data-driven decision making in the world of advancement. Authors Kevin MacDonell and Peter Wylie bring years of experience and a candor that makes the book not just easy to read but also enjoyable. Long story short, you should read it! Before you buy your […]

One Million Steps!

EverTrue kicked off the New Year with a company-wide fitness challenge… we’ve dubbed it One Million Steps. In only 100 days, we’re challenging everyone on our team to get to 1,000,000 steps.  A lofty goal some may say, but we’re off to the races.  That’s 10,000 steps per day, each and every day; for folks with […]