How TCU is invigorating its annual giving efforts with Campus Creators

The Right Message, the Right Time and the Right Messenger Parent fundraising programs can be especially tricky. There are longstanding debates in fundraising about how, and even whether, to solicit parents of current college students. Some parents have ample resources to make major gifts on top of the money they already invest in their child’s […]

What Data is Really Worth

It is as obvious as it is profound: data has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable resource. Ever since The Economist wrote about this in 2017, I have thought about the many things that oil and data have in common. Both have an enormous impact on the world economy. Both have the capacity to do great […]

Thinking Outside the CRM

“If it’s not in the database, it didn’t happen.” How many times have we heard this in the course of our careers? Fundraising has become so increasingly data-dependent that it’s hard to imagine a time before advancement CRMs existed. CRMs are considered the single source of truth in an advancement enterprise, and data acquisition, integrity, […]

Why does data visualization matter?

Earlier this year, The Solas Group joined the EverTrue family. By combining the leader in data engineering, predictive modeling, and analytics with EverTrue’s user-friendly platform, we are one step closer to building the advancement sector’s most holistic technology solution. Every organization in the world has data, and their data is growing each day. We’re not […]