Donor meeting canceled? No problem.

Canceled donor meetings are disappointing, but they’re just a part of life. Mobile-friendly technology can turn donor meeting cancelations into an opportunity to connect with folks that have fallen through the cracks for years. Frontline fundraisers are accustomed to planning on-the-fly. Things like receiving last minute cancelations when they’re en route to meet with a […]

AI & Data Privacy: Best Practices for Advancement

Artificial Intelligence and the use of Large Language Models has been integrated in our daily lives, simplifying previously time-intensive tasks (like sifting through reviews on Amazon) and enabling behind the scenes without us even knowing it. Yet higher ed advancement teams still approach the technology with skepticism and caution – and why wouldn’t they? The […]

The Donor Experience Platform: A New Era in Fundraising

High-volume, highly personalized donor outreach works. Through EverTrue’s proprietary and original Donor Experience Programs we’ve proven that we can increase managed prospects by up to 800% by leveraging technology to deliver cadenced-based outreach to thousands of previously unengaged prospects. This leads to more activity with prospects (in many cases a 20x increase or greater), which […]

Back to School: ODDER Academy

Sharpen your pencils and dust off your notebooks. It’s that time of year where we head back to school. Even if you’ve long since left the schoolyard, there’s plenty to brush up on within your ODDER project. Your ODDER Specialist is a great resource for information, but ODDER Academy is your No. 1 source for […]

Your Go-To Guide on AI in Fundraising

Hey there! If you’ve been curious about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaking things up in the advancement world, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered some of the best reads out there to get you up to speed. But before we dive into the list, here are a couple of fresh articles from Evertrue […]

Tell the story of Giving Day all year long

In giving day season, many advancement teams do an amazing job at rallying their colleagues and partners across campus to get on board. Communities come together with a cohesive, motivational message that reminds alums about the world-changing magic that happens on campus every day. But the results of this all-in, cross-campus effort fall short if […]

Everything you need to know about Campus Creators by EverTrue

Since launching the new Donor Experience: Campus Creators program, we’ve been getting tons of questions from advancement shops across the country who are interested in learning more. Just a reminder, here’s what a Campus Creators program brings to the table: Every month, every single donor receives a personal video directly from a student. EverTrue coordinates […]

ODDERly in Love: Examples that made us swoon in 2022

Chocolates and roses? For us at EverTrue, we’ll take happy donors and satisfied customers! We’re lucky enough to see the awe-inspiring reports, statements, and positive impact philanthropy plays at the many institutions that use ODDER. During this season of love, we thought of no better way to celebrate than by sharing examples of what put […]

RAISE Podcast: Kim Nyoni, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

On this episode of the RAISE podcast, Brent breaks it down with Kim Nyoni, Associate Vice President for Development at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  Kim was born in Tanzania and spent his early life in Nairobi, Kenya before he made the huge leap to attend the University of Nebraska.  His move to Lincoln, […]

RAISE Podcast: Adam Compton, North Carolina State University

On this episode of the RAISE podcast, Brent talks with an advancement innovator; an inaugural 40 under 40 member; and a long-time EverTrue partner Adam Compton. Adam serves as the Executive Director of Annual Giving at North Carolina State University, a big role at an institution that has allowed him to push the envelope, break […]

RAISE Podcast: Maria Watson, Pomona College

On this episode of the RAISE podcast, Brent learns the difference between a “best practice” and a “next practice” from Maria Watson, Vice President for Advancement at Pomona College. Maria is a classical musician who got her first experience in fundraising as a work-study student at the University of Michigan planning their annual “Band-o-Rama” fundraiser […]

RAISE Podcast: Julie Morgan Hooper, University of California, Berkeley

On this episode of the RAISE podcast, Brent catches up with Julie Morgan Hooper, Vice Chancellor for University Development and Alumni Relations at the University of California, Berkeley. Julie explains to our audience how the debate team at her Dallas, Texas highschool led her to consider Boston University for College. She reflects on the scholarship […]