Harnessing Early Adoption: How Cadence-Based Training Shapes Superior Fundraisers

Imagine a child born into the digital age, seamlessly swiping through an array of touchscreens, from iPads to Android tablets, with instinctive ease. This child, a digital native, navigates various interfaces effortlessly, unaffected by the differences that often perplex those of us who witnessed the gradual evolution of these technologies. Just as this early exposure […]

Q1 2024 Higher Ed Giving Insights

At EverTrue, we’ve developed a trusted research asset curated specifically for studying high-level trends in giving, with the goal of sharing quarterly and yearly studies on the state of giving in Higher Education. This first report analyzes Q1 2024 philanthropic giving to Higher Education institutions in comparison to the previous three years. Q1 2024 Data […]

Unlocking Major Gifts: Early Trends and Insights

At EverTrue, we’re on a mission to make the really hard job of fundraising so much easier for every fundraiser – so they can improve the experience of every donor. Because a better donor experience translates into more meetings and more gifts.  We’re delving into the intricacies of donor behavior and cultivation to help organizations […]