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Welcome to EverTrue’s hub for research on advancement industry trends and best practices. By seeking to anticipate shifts in philanthropic behavior, test industry best practices, and generate new ideas, our goal is to support the success of our customers and the profession as a whole.

Our work would not be possible without the involvement of industry thought leaders, so we hope you will keep in touch with us as we explore new ideas together.

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Research & Insights

What Data is Really Worth

It is as obvious as it is profound: data has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable resource. Ever since The Economist wrote about this in 2017,

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Thinking Outside the CRM

“If it’s not in the database, it didn’t happen.” How many times have we heard this in the course of our careers? Fundraising has become

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Why does data visualization matter?

Earlier this year, The Solas Group joined the EverTrue family. By combining the leader in data engineering, predictive modeling, and analytics with EverTrue’s user-friendly platform,

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Talking Shop Podcast
hosted by: Erin Moran & David Lively

What happens when an advancement ops guru and a top advancement leader
sit down for a cup of coffee? They talk shop.

About the team

We’re a couple of data nerds with decades of advancement experience under our belt and a passion for weaving narratives out of numbers. We’re eager to hear your ideas about the future of advancement. If you would like to connect, please reach out:

Mike Brucek

Principal Data Scientist

Before becoming EverTrue’s principal data scientist, Mike enjoyed a long career in higher education advancement, serving in fundraising roles ranging from the annual fund to major giving. During his last fundraising role, Mike pursued his master’s degree in analytics so he could apply his love of data science with his passion for helping to make education more accessible and effective.
Erin Moran

Erin Moran

Director of Industry Insights

Erin Moran has more than twenty years of advancement experience, where she has led areas such as prospect research and management, advancement services, donor relations, alumni relations, annual giving, and communications. Having served as both a campaign director and an interim vice president for advancement, Erin uses her broad and deep industry knowledge to deliver solutions grounded in empathy for the real-world challenges advancement professionals face. Erin left higher education in 2018 to co-found The Solas Group, a fundraising analytics and operational consulting firm. Erin joined EverTrue in 2022 when it acquired Solas, and is delighted to be working with Mike and the growing community of EverTrue customers and thought partners.