Supporting Modern Gift Officers

Learn how to manage a team of gift officers, the right metrics to track, how to build pipeline, and more.

"We're seeing an uptick in building a robust pipeline faster because of the sheer location." Additionally, Berkeley fundraisers solicited 49% more dollars, closed 44% more gifts, and made 67% more prospect visits in FY19.

3 ways to better manage Gift Officers

Good managers “contribute about 48% higher profit to their companies than average managers.”

Onboarding Gift Officer checklist

Download this template for an easy-to-follow, customizable checklist for getting new hires ramped up.

Set new records for gift officer fundraising and activity goals

“At the end of the day, I need to quickly and easily assess where we are as a team and where individuals are in relation to goals. So, 'Yay, EverTrue!'”

Susan Armacost,
Executive Director for University Development, University of Memphis

Started and leads Digital Gift Officer program

“We're delivering a better donor experience and engaging people in a conversation about their philanthropy early and often.”

Eric Holderness,
AVP of Development, Kansas State University Foundation

Reversed donor decline and amplified gift officer efficiency across the entire UConn team.

“As an industry, we need to look creatively at what we’re trying to accomplish and find new ways to get there. We were on a paved road, but now we’ve made a right turn and we’re on a dirt road. It’s unpaved, uncharted, but at least we have a Jeep. In many ways, the Jeep has been EverTrue.”

Josh Newton,
Fmr President and CEO of the UConn Foundation, now at Emory University

Acquired 200 new major gift donors

“EverTrue is pushing us forward. It’s an outside perspective that can allow us to dream in a different way and look at our work with a different lens.”

John Morris,
SVP of Development, Kansas State University Foundation

5 fundraising tips from sales

The path to closing a major gift can be similar to booking a big sale. So how can fundraisers learn from sales executives in the for-profit world?

Tips for faster trip planning

Gift officers at Auburn University estimate that they save between three and four hours per trip by using EverTrue. With 20 trips a year, they get back two full weeks every year.

Timely and topical follow-up is the key to closing gifts

With EverTrue the solicit stage becomes crystal clear. You’ll not only know what to ask, but when to do it. Detailed summaries of digital engagement and interests are just a click away. We’ll propel you to action with smart alerts and notifications. Stay on top of goals and organize your trips with powerful trip-planning tools.