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Help alumni connect with each other no matter where they are in the world. EverTrue packages up your institutional network into a secure web and mobile directory just for alumni—all while providing your office with fresh LinkedIn professional data and contact information to support your engagement efforts.

  • Create a branded web and mobile community
  • Capture email addresses and professional data
  • Facilitate alumni networking
  • Identify volunteers and mentors

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Create a Vibrant Community

Give alumni an online directory experience that meets them where they are. Alumni can log into your community on any device using LinkedIn credentials or an email address.

  • Branded app and website
  • School news and social media content

Promote Professional Networking

EverTrue is the easiest way for alumni to connect with classmates and find job opportunities. Users can filter by graduation year, industry, company, and location to find peers and mentors to get in touch with.  

  • Profiles with contact info
  • Interactive map
  • Linkedin filters
  • Opt-in mentor tag

Capture New Emails and Career Data

Get the latest and greatest data on your alumni, including preferred email addresses when they sign up. You’ll also receive LinkedIn professional data for all alumni in your database whether or not they’ve signed up for your community.

  • Suggested profile updates
  • Email address uplift

Identify Volunteers, Mentors, and New Donors

Once your community is live, you’ll be able to track sign-ups and usage in a reporting dashboard. Easily identify your most active users and bring them closer to the school through other engagement and giving opportunities.

  • Adoption statistics
  • Top users report

The lasting connection between 'Brother Rats' [VMI graduates] is made even stronger thanks to the EverTrue Alumni Community app.

Jackie Flint
Jackie Flint
Alumni Services Coordinator, Virginia Military Institute


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