10 Ways AI Will Change Advancement

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming how we work, live, and learn.

On this webinar, Armin Afsahi and Brent Grinna delve into the transformative potential of AI in the advancement landscape. From enhancing donor communication to streamlining the gift acknowledgement process, they explore the power of AI across all fundraising roles.

Here are some can’t miss moments, plus a link to download the slides from the session.

11:58 – AI boomed more in 3 days than Instagram did in 3 months

14:44 – “It’s like collaborating with an alien”

17:25 – Every aspect of the fundraising space will shift

26:55 – Higher ed’s unfair AI advantage (data!)

32:42 – Unlocking personalization at scale

35:08 – What you can do right now with AI 

38:33 – AI-powered constituent profile summaries are LIVE in EverTrue!

52:25 – Risks associated with AI

53:31 – The action plan for integrating AI in your advancement shop

57:27 – Takeaways

Speaking of AI and Advancement, on September 19th, we are unveiling some revolutionary, AI-powered features in the EverTrue platform. Sign up here! And check out the resources below for tips and use cases for AI and Advancement. 

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