Data, Efficiency, AI, and Revolutionizing Relationship-Based Fundraising

Since launching a Donor Experience program, the University of Nebraska team has seen a 190% increase in yearly donor meetings, 40+ new major gift referrals, and a $12MM increase in revenue pipeline.

On this webinar, Nick Linde, Vice President of Advancement at the University of Nebraska, chats with EverTrue CEO Brent Grinna about how the Nebraska team has armed 14 “pipeline generators” with a top-tier tech suite to power thousands of connections with long-overlooked Big Red donors and fans.

Brent and Nick explored how the introduction of generative AI will make scaled, personalized outreach even easier – empowering fundraisers to automate manual tasks and stay focused on what they love doing most: building relationships.

Upcoming webinar: March 14 at 2 pm ET

Join us to see the power of AI in action in the EverTrue platform.
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