A Recipe for Success

Our Year-End Resource Library

A collection of resources designed to help you whip up an incredible year-end campaign. Whether it’s Giving Tuesday, your own giving event, or holiday outreach – we’ve got you covered! Bon appetit!


A walkthrough of how to plan a delicious year-end fundraising campaign that converts.

Mise En Place

Foundational campaign planning resources

Main Ingredients

How to effectively leverage different outreach methods


Our top tips to elevate your donor engagement

Mise En Place

The French term for prepping everything before you start cooking. These are your foundational campaign planning resources.

The End-to-End Fundraising Campaign Workbook

Start here to plan your campaign from A to Z

The Big Book of
Donor Communication Templates

Organize your outreach to your community

The Volunteer Fundraising Playbook

Engage your volunteers to spread the word

The Team Playbook for Giving Day Follow-Up

Steward every donor to create an unforgettable giving experience

Main Ingredients

A compelling campaign blends multiple channels. Learn how to use each outreach method effectively and collaboratively.


Respect the Inbox: Fundraising Email Best Practices for the Annual Fund

Direct Mail

Direct mail ideas to slide into the DMs (donors’ mailboxes)


The Giving Event Guide to Video


5 steps to convert event registrants into managed prospects

Putting it all Together

How to turn omnichannel outreach into ROI—from segmentation to stewardship


Don’t stop there! Punch up your campaign with our top tips to elevate donor engagement.

6 Ways

to Make Your Communications Stand Out

Recipes for Success

A collection of real-world examples you can use from fundraisers who achieved real success.

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