AI and Gift Officers

Tools and outreach strategies to make the most of your portfolio.

"Our team’s metrics have increased significantly because we're spending less time entering contact reports into the database and more time actually talking to donors."

The Baylor University team has a proven track record in donor engagement: in two fiscal years, they increased donor contact by nearly 275% and increased leadership annual gift revenue by more than 400%!

With no shortage of donors to engage, they’re focused on creating the right strategies and finding the right tools to make their work more efficient and effective. Enter: Artificial Intelligence.

Tune in to hear how they’re using AI in their donor engagement work. Check out these can’t-miss highlights:

  • 11:18 – AI Applications in daily life
  • 17:52 ChatGPT Use Cases
  • 20:52 – Prompt writing basics
  • 22:25 – Effective Prompt Engineering
  • 31:51 – Using AI during donor visits
  • 33:55 Tech Tools for travel planning
  • 39:41 – The importance of personalized and efficient follow-ups
  • 42:17 – How AI and tech help save time and stay organized
  • 46:51 – The endless potential of AI in advancement work