How Wofford Grew Their Instagram Following by 150% in 10 Days

Want to boost your following on Pinterest and Instagram, showcase the awesome school swag currently on the shelves in your bookstore, and give alumni a shot at winning a prize of their own choosing? (Whew, that’s a lot.) Well, that’s precisely what the alumni relations office at Wofford College accomplished this past spring when they […]

Engaging Alumni with Vine

Social media is constantly changing the way we interact with the world and creating new opportunities to communicate with and engage alumni. Twitter’s Vine video sharing app, which enables users to create and share 6-second clips with Vine users as well as on Facebook and Twitter, was released in January and has since grown to […]

Tips and Tools for Producing a Killer Annual Report

The year-end report is a golden opportunity to showcase your institutions many accomplishments and tell the story of how it was all made possible. Rather than becoming a stale report with a bunch of facts and figures, the annual report should explain what your institution is all about, what it believes in, and of course, […]

beTrue Bulletin: May 24, 2013

In this week’s bulletin we’re in awe of a visual annual report, considering new ways to think about alumni engagement, and hoping that Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer delivers on her promise to keep moving forward the recently acquired blogging platform, Tumblr. Making the Annual Report a Visual Story with Instagram EverTrue wasn’t the only one […]

8 Steps to an Awesome Online Giving Page

Online giving grew 10.7% in 2012 compared to 2011, according to Blackbaud’s 2012 Charitable Giving Report, and education organizations are leading the way. Last year was the second consecutive year that these organizations saw the largest growth rate in online fundraising with an increase of 17.9%, compared to growth in other non-profit sectors. With donors […]

Project GreenCampus: Alumni Crowdfunding at Harvard

In a recent post we detailed how the alumni community of the Virginia Military Institute came together and leveraged the power of crowdfunding to support a fellow graduate gravely injured in the manhunt for two suspects of Boston’s marathon bombings. They raised $71,306 over their goal — proving once again that crowdfunding is a powerful […]

What is Most Important in a Class Agent Guide?

With next month marking the close of this year’s annual fund, we’ve been on the lookout for awesome class agent guides. After spending 4 hours on Google and looking through nearly 30 volunteer handbooks, I found that the majority have great content, but they don’t provide the engaging reading experience volunteers deserve. Many are too […]

beTrue Bulletin: May 10, 2013

In this week’s bulletin we’ve found cause for celebration as the class of 2013 accepts their hard-earned diplomas and LinkedIn turns 10! But first, we continue our conversation about Twitter in Advancement and Higher Education. “The Elements of a Great #highered Twitter Account” The lively discussion on measuring social media success continues.  Andrew Careaga, Director […]

Graduation Gift Ideas for The Class of 2013

With commencement ceremonies right around the corner, we’ve got to thinking about creative gifts to give your graduating class. You certainly don’t want your recent grads walking off campus without feeling the love from their alumni association. So, while we still appreciate the tried and true commencement gifts, we wanted to share a few unique […]

5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Engage Alumni

Accounting for over 48.7 million users, in just three years, Pinterest has grown to be the third largest social media network on the planet. With an active userbase between the ages of 25-34, advancement offices have a huge opportunity to engage with younger alumni on this platform. Several colleges and universities are doing a great […]

Rush to Thank at Dickinson College

As a student at Dickinson College, I learned the important role philanthropy played in supporting my education by participating in the schools phonathon. I realized that a college’s budget is not met by tuition dollars alone, but through the support of generous alumni, parents, faculty members and friends. Shouldn’t all students understand the total cost of […]