Using Trips & Meetings for virtual and in-person visits

Advancement shops across the country are opening up, resuming travel, and meeting face-to-face with donors for the first time in a long time. Chances are, we could all use a refresher (or just some new ideas!) on planning donor visits and trips as we get back into the swing of things.  We recently held a […]

Career Moves Benchmarking for the Big 10 – Fall 2021

Career Moves BIG 10

EverTrue analyzed recent Career Moves from alumni of colleges in the Big 10. Here’s what we learned.  In September 2021, we tracked career movement among alumni at these institutions, identifying graduates who changed jobs or were promoted in the previous three months. Then we went a step further and analyzed high-ranking job-changers (any graduate who […]

5 ways every advancement shop can improve DEI efforts

Jessica Elmore - DEI Efforts

If you joined us for RAISE Live, you’ll remember hearing from Dr. Jessica Elmore. Dr. Elmore is the Associate Director of Diversity Programs at the Kansas State University Alumni Association and founder of JElmore Cross Cultural Consultants LLC.   Interviewed by EverTrue’s own Jessica Frey, Dr. Elmore shared her wisdom gained from years spent working in […]

Why your team needs to be at RAISE Live


We’re one month away from RAISE Live! For the sixth annual RAISE conference, we’ll be holding a free and completely virtual learning opportunity for your entire team. We’ll kick off with a live launch party at 2 PM Eastern on July 22.  This year’s launch party will begin with an exclusive pre-screening of RAISE: The […]

How to Measure Your Giving Day Success

giving day

Last week on Linkedin, James Barnard, Executive Director of Annual Giving and Integrated Marketing at the University of Cincinnati Foundation asked his fellow fundraisers a critical question: What metrics are you using to define the success of your giving day? Historically, teams have measured success by the number of donors or gifts and left it […]

Lights. Camera. Action.

After a year of fully-remote life, we’re thrilled to share some good news. The advancement event of the year is completely virtual and 100% free — again! RAISE 2021 is an opportunity to bring your whole shop together to learn, grow, and innovate, all without spending a dollar of your precious professional development budget. What […]

RAISE Podcast Roundup – January 2021

RAISE Podcast Roundup - Jan 2021

New year, new podcast episodes!  While we all settle into a new routine in 2021, the RAISE Podcast has been cranking out regular episodes. Here are some that you might have missed… Episode 50 Andy Shaindlin, Brown University Listen now! “There are things that you can do effectively in alumni engagement, even if you yourself […]

New Year, New Jobs

New Year New Job

How many times have you heard the saying, “New year, new me?” Whether you’re passionate about New Year’s resolutions or roll your eyes at the whole tradition, there’s no denying that many alumni are starting out 2021 by making some changes. But we’re not talking about at-home workouts or starting a new diet. Your Alumni […]

RAISE Podcast Recap – December 2020

RAISE podcast Thumbnail

If you’re anything like us, you’re looking forward to slowing down a bit during the holidays. We all still have important work to do before year end, but a quieter “office” and the lack of large family gatherings this holiday season will likely give us all a little bit of extra free time. And what […]

Happy Holidays from the EverCrew!

Brent Santa

Happy Holidays from the EverCrew! While we can’t all enjoy fresh-baked cookies in the Grinnabago, we wanted to share some EverCrew family recipes for your enjoyment this holiday season. Snickerdoodle Cookies from Sonja Nagel Basically anyone that’s met (or virtually met) Mike Nagel has heard him rave about Sonja’s baking. She’s that good. Here’s her […]

RAISE Podcast Roundup – November

Fallen behind on your podcast time in isolation? We’ve put together this RAISE Podcast roundup of our most recent episodes to help you jump back in. So grab some headphones and let’s get started! Episode 45: Nick Linde, University of Nebraska Foundation Listen now! “The trickiest donors are those who have this incredible passion but […]

Thanksgiving Bright Spots of 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

To say that 2020 has been a challenging year would be a slight understatement. But in the midst of a global pandemic, we want to share some positive vibes. Despite all the uncertainty, there have been bright spots in 2020. Most of us have spent more time with family than ever before, no longer have […]