Cheshire Academy Raises Over $115.6k on Giving Tuesday With EverTrue


Cheshire Academy (CA) is a private college preparatory school located in Cheshire, Connecticut. The CA advancement team manages over 13,000 records in their database, Raiser’s Edge.


On Giving Tuesday 2016, CA aimed to raise $100,000 from 125 donors during their Katz vs. Cats challenge. If they met the donor participation goal, CA would unlock two $25,000 matching gifts from Trustees Richard Katz and Donald Rosenberg.


The CA team created a targeted Katz vs. Cats giving page in EverTrue and marketed that page as they reached out to alumni and parents throughout the day. They wound up exceeding their goal and securing both matching gifts, bringing in a total of $115,644 from 130 donors.

• Raised $115,644 from 130 donors—surpassing the original goal.
• Increased dollars by 30% and donors by 14% compared to Giving Tuesday 2015
• 66% of donors gave through the EverTrue giving page

We are so pleased with EverTrue. It was an integral part of our giving day strategy and made it so easy and attractive for our donors to give online.

Barbara Davis
Barbara Davis
Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, Cheshire Academy

Crafting an Amazing Online Giving Experience

In preparation for the big day, the CA team created a themed giving page in EverTrue. Director of Annual Giving Maureen Madden-Tardy set up the page to align with the Katz vs. Cats theme by uploading imagery, customizing the text, and entering ask amounts. She was even able to place a Facebook-sharing link on the page with the hashtag #GivingTuesday.

CA giving pages

Maureen emphasized how much more inviting the EverTrue page was than their legacy giving page: “It’s more catchy, and people love the imagery. It’s also very easy to fill out and makes life simple because the form is short.”

When it was go time, the team went to work reaching out to alumni and parents from all channels—including social media, email, phone, and texting. They directed donors to the EverTrue page and watched in real-time as the gifts rolled in. A power outage on campus couldn’t even stop the momentum; by 4 p.m., participation was so high that they raised the stakes with a second matching gift.

The EverTrue giving page looked great whether you viewed it on web or mobile. It turned our alumni into donors instead of turning them away.

Maureen Madden-Tardy
Maureen Madden-Tardy
Director of Annual Giving, Cheshire Academy

Making Better Asks

Besides using EverTrue’s giving pages and real-time analytics to monitor progress, the CA team took advantage of the constituent information available in EverTrue to supplement their Giving Tuesday outreach. Maureen found the LinkedIn career data especially useful for strategizing around ask amounts.

Similarly, Christian Malerba, director of alumni relations and special events, appreciated the ease of viewing all of his assigned prospects in an EverTrue list.

I lived in EverTrue on Giving Tuesday. It’s much easier to get the information I need in EverTrue than in our database.

Christian Malerba
Christian Malerba
Director of Alumni Relations and Special Events, Cheshire Academy

Christian no longer needed to refer back to the database or a spreadsheet to get the information he needed. Before reaching out to someone, he could get a quick snapshot of their career status, Facebook activity, giving history, and more right in EverTrue. This helped him work more efficiently to contact alumni and ask them to support CA on Giving Tuesday.

Constituent profile buffalo exampleThis image displays mock data

Beyond Giving Tuesday...

Riding on the success of the Katz vs. Catz campaign, the CA team continues to use EverTrue’s online giving functionality to boost their fundraising efforts. It’s so simple to set up targeted pages that Barbara (director of development and alumni affairs), Maureen, and Christian use EverTrue giving pages for all of their personal solicitations.

“Our donors have zero issues when we send them a link to an EverTrue page,” Barbara said. “I just returned from a trip to China, and a parent I met with unsuccessfully tried to make a gift through our website. I immediately sent her an EverTrue giving page, and within five minutes, the gift was in and processed.”

By providing donors with an attractive and easy way to give online, the CA team has seen a notable increase in participation over the last year. They look forward to building on that progress—and, of course, achieving another record-high Giving Tuesday in 2017 with EverTrue by their side.

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