Guide: The Big Book of ChatGPT Prompts for Advancement Professionals

GUIDE: The Big Book of ChatGPT Prompts for Advancement Professionals We’ve compiled a list of 50 ChatGPT prompts for advancement professionals to use to spark creativity, enhance communication, and ultimately raise more funds for your institution. In the world of fundraising, fostering strong donor relationships is key. But the advancement industry is often up against […]

Guide: 10 Ways AI Will Change Advancement

10 Ways AI Will Change Advancement AI in Advancement. Higher Ed made the creators of AI. You’re raising money for AI. Now, you’ve got to walk the walk and incorporate AI into your work. Think: Automated daily task lists. AI-powered snapshots of constituent profiles. Live donor potential scoring. Prescriptive outreach cadences.  Here’s a summary on […]

Playbook: Creating a Multichannel Career Moves Campaign

PLAYBOOK: Creating a multichannel campaign to celebrate alumni milestones Colleges and universities pride themselves on providing degrees that shape the careers of their graduates. And yet, more than 95% of alumni job changes are not in a typical college’s database and go unacknowledged (source: EverTrue analysis).   This guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating a campaign that […]

White Paper: Amplifying Major Gift Activity Without Burnout

Gift Officer mobile

Solving the Top-of-the-Pyramid Problem Amplifying Major Gift Activity Without Burnout In this report, we’re looking at the convergence of three trends: • the growth of wealthy individuals with major gift capacity • the dwindling number of major gift officers in advancement • and the current state of major gift portfolio management. Viewed together, these trends […]

Guide: Ace your trip planning

GUIDE Ace your trip planning: Using tech to get more donors on the map Since establishing a leadership annual giving team in 2018, Baylor University has: Nearly tripled interactions, increasing donor contact by almost 275% Uncovered numerous major gifts from previously unengaged donors. Increased leadership-level gift revenue by more than 400%. Baylor’s Director of Leadership […]

Giving impact template for first-time donor meetings

DXOs Know: Giving impact template for first-time donor meetings Through tons of first-time donor meetings, Donor Experience Officers have been honing their craft to ensure the most effective, engaging, impact-focused meetings. We chatted with DXOs to dig into the scalable structure and strategy for high-volume, highly-productive meetings with donors who have never met 1:1 with […]

Podcasting & Personal Brand

EverTrue's Podcasting Tips and Tricks

GUIDE: Podcasting & Personal Brand Our industry needs to hear YOUR stories! Here’s how to add your voice to the mix. Podcasts are powerful. At EverTrue, we’ve launched four podcasts, one podcast network, and over 200 podcast episodes.  Trust us when we say we’ve learned many lessons along the way – and we’re happy to share […]

First 100 Days as an Advancement VP Guide

GUIDE: First 100 Days as an Advancement VP Your comprehensive guide to success in your role as an advancement leader. Congratulations on the new role, and welcome to the comprehensive guide for your first 100 days as an advancement leader! Your first 100 days in a new role set the tone for your tenure as […]

DXOs Know: Top ten ways to get responses from unresponsive donors

DXOs Know: Top 10 ways to get responses from unresponsive donors

GUIDE: DXOs Know: Top ten ways to get responses from unresponsive donors Donor Experience Officers manage portfolios of 1,000 high-potential, previously-overlooked donors. They contact alums who have never heard from a real-live-person at their alma mater, have fallen through the cracks for years, are just plain old hard-to-reach. DXOs’ outreach to donors is tech-enabled, high-velocity, […]

Bentley’s Innovative Approach to Fundraising

GUIDE: Recreating Bentley’s Innovative Approach The Bentley University advancement team concluded that even the most skilled and dedicated relationship-builders reach an output plateau if they are not powered by the right technology. By the right technology, we mean tech tools that give easy, mobile access to constituent data. We mean one-click, in-the-moment filtering and list-building. […]

The DX Starter Kit

TEMPLATE: #DXbyET The DX Starter Kit It’s time to get Politely Persistent. Polite Persistence is a big part of the EverTrue Donor Experience approach. Download the DX Starter Kit  to receive:  A detailed, one-month cadence calendar  Four email templates, including an intro email and a breakup email  A LinkedIn message request template Phone call and voicemail guides Template […]

Want to start a DXO Program at your institution?

GUIDE: Donor Experience Your guide to starting and running a successful Donor Experience Program. So you want to start a DX program? Download our guide to learn about retaining donors using one-on-one experiences and building real relationships with thousands more people each year. With this donor-centric approach, you’ll dramatically expand coverage of your giving pyramid […]