Partnering with Volunteers on Giving Day with Williams College

Giving Days are a lot of work – Share the load Giving days are a lot of work. Just as the folks in charge need to bring in external and internal champions to build awareness and buzz leading up to the big day, they also need to delegate follow-up so that every donor can get […]

Using Social to Drive Giving Day Engagement with Boston University

BU’s giving day premium campaign knocked their donors’ socks off! The Boston University team whipped up a giving day campaign that is sure to knock your socks off. BU’s annual Giving Day is their annual marquee giving event – and is heavily driven by social media engagement. The team used EverTrue social media data to […]

How to get more donors on the map with Baylor University

Using tech to get more donors on the map

Since establishing a leadership annual giving team in 2018, Baylor University has: Nearly tripled interactions, increasing donor contact by almost 275% Uncovered numerous major gifts from previously unengaged donors Increased leadership level gift revenue by more than 400%   Baylor’s Stephen Sullivan, Director of Leadership Annual Giving, and Sarah Kathryn Ricci, AVP of Alumni Engagement […]

Annual Giving = Lead Generation

Annual giving = lead-gen

Agree or disagree? Lead gen is commonly associated with the for-profit world, but isn’t that concept what we’re applying in our day-to-day work in annual giving, too? We’re trying to get more folks in the fold at the annual giving level in hopes they’ll be candidates for larger gifts down the road. And once they’re […]

Connections that Convert: Creating targeted campaigns that inspire donations

“We need more engagement!” “We need more young alumni donors!” “We need funding for this priority project!” Sound familiar? Advancement shops across the country run up against the need to fund priority projects or engage certain populations, and standard solicitation campaigns aren’t always the standard for success. Enter: micro-campaigns. Or blitz campaigns. Crowdfunding campaigns. Initiative-based […]

Show me the Money: Talking Incentive Compensation in Higher Ed

“Incentive compensation doesn’t belong in higher ed” …or does it? The typical gift officer stays with an organization for 18 months before moving to another role. The average time it takes to close a gift is twice that. On top of that, 3 out of 10 fundraisers are ready to leave the industry altogether. Amidst […]

Fundraising in 2023 and Beyond

Fundraising in 2023 and beyond

What if there was a crystal ball that could show you what the future of fundraising has in store?  We might not have that exactly, but we do have the next best thing: a conversation with two VPs that have a pulse on where their shops – and the advancement industry overall – should be […]

How Baylor University 4x’d leadership-level giving

Baylor University used EverTrue to uncover a $100,000 gift, and as a result, also uncovered the family’s potential to give back even more. Let’s set the stage: The Leadership Annual Giving team at Baylor was first created in 2018. Baylor defines Leadership Annual gifts as $1,000-$49,999, and the team focuses on portfolios of 200+ constituents […]

How to leverage data insights to identify prospects

How to leverage data insights to identify prospects

The University of Wyoming Foundation prospect research team has the right people in the right seats, processes to power consistent and proactive prospecting, and clear KPIs to measure their performance. They’re funneling hundreds of new prospects to gift officer radar every month. Learn how in this on-demand webinar Then read on to hear our top […]

How to get responses from unresponsive donors

how to get responses from unrseponsive donors

We’ve learned that if a DXO books a meeting with a prospect, they close a gift more than ⅔ of the time (Source: EverTrue analysis). Learn how in this on-demand webinar Then read more about our top takeaways from the discussion. You know those donors you just know are capable of making a real difference […]

How to reach more donors and increase portfolio coverage

how do you maximize portfolio coverage with virtual and in person visits

We recently sat down with Brooks Hull from the Louisiana Tech University Foundation and Ray Earl-Jackson from Northern Illinois University to discuss how they work towards achieving full portfolio coverage, and what we should all be striving for in our philanthropic work.  A theme that came up multiple times? Fundraising is an art. So…how should […]

Mastering Omnichannel Engagement: From Segmentation to Stewardship

Think about how YOU engage with content. Depending on where you are (walking, driving, on your phone, at your desk), what you’re trying to get from the content (top highlights, deep-dive, entertainment, curbed curiosity), the time you have (10 seconds, 2 minutes, an hour), and myriad of other factors, you will seek content in different […]