We’ll Have You Planning the Best Trips of Your Career

Whoever said the journey is the destination has never gotten off a 24-hour flight and gone straight to enjoy a mai thai at a beach bar in Indonesia. If they had, they’d know the destination is the destination. That’s a very wanderlust-y version of saying, we know trip logistics can get in the way of […]

RAISE Podcast: The Original Digital Gift Officer

Episode 9: The Original Digital Gift Officer Subscribe: iTunes/Stitcher/Spotify There’s a lot of chatter about digital gift officers these days. But before anyone was talking about it, Keith Hannon was doing it. Or at least figuring it out on the fly, since it wasn’t technically part of his job description. That was back when he […]

Find Your Football Game

We’re deep into fall at this point. Here in New England, where you’ll find EverTrue HQ, that means a lot of leaves underfoot, a healthy dose of flannel and a full slate of football games every weekend. Alright we’ll admit that we don’t exactly live in a college football hotbed. But it’s not that hard […]

Special Announcement: Join Our Digital Gift Officer Programs Webinar

What’s the deal with digital gift officers? This is not the beginning of a bad amateur stand-up comedy routine wedged awkwardly into a blog. It’s a question we hear from more and more people, with more and more frequency. There’s a big chunk of your prospect pool who are giving, or capable of giving, significant […]

Failure Is Not a Dirty Word

Everyone loves walking into a meeting with their boss to talk about how badly they failed, right? About how they just fell right on their face in spectacular fashion? About a failure people will be talking about for years?  They should. In fact, the type of failures people talk about for years are exactly the […]

Create Experiences that Deepen Connections with Donors

Are people ecstatic about giving to your institution? It might seem like a silly question at first blush… but…is it though? We probably don’t think often enough about how the reaction to donating can bring an immense amount of joy to a donor. But we should. Because it can be an awesome moment. There’s no […]

RAISE Podcast: Live from RAISE2019 with Mark Koenig 

Episode 8: Live Podcast: The Leaky Bucket with Mark Koenig Subscribe: iTunes/Stitcher/Spotify Your podcast hasn’t truly arrived until you do a live episode. We asked around the podcast world, and that’s what we were told. Everyone seemed pretty official about the whole thing. So we figured we’d better go ahead and get official by recording […]

Where RAISE2019 Lives Forever

The comedown from a conference is never easy. There are notes to parse, ideas to pitch to your team and, more often than not, a lot of wondering if you’re even remembering it all correctly. And if you couldn’t make it to the conference at all, you’ll wonder about all the great ideas you missed. […]

The Giving Funnel: The Best Way to Establish a Real Connection With Your Donors

We talk to fundraisers across the country every day. We talk about what’s working. What tools, methods and approaches are critical to their day to day. What projects they dream about getting off the ground. We also hear about what’s not working. What walls they continually feel like they’re banging their heads against. What limitations […]

RAISE Podcast: Turning a Real-Deal Thesis into New Tactics

Episode 7: Turning a Real-Deal Thesis into New Tactics Subscribe: iTunes/Stitcher/Spotify We just can’t stop inviting doctors onto the RAISE Podcast. First Anna, now Dr. Glenn Kosse, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations at Bellarmine University. He sits down with Brent to talk through the PhD he began pursuing shortly after arriving at Bellarmine, […]

Numbers Don’t Lie: Good Onboarding Just Works

If you haven’t heard the stats, let us break ‘em down for you. Although, if you’ve got a weak stomach, you may want to avert your eyes. The median tenure of a gift officer is two years. The average gift officer salary is $85,000. The cost to replace a gift officer is 20% of that […]

Summer Checklist: Assign a Leadership Gift Officer

OK, OK, OK. It is now technically the last day of fall. But we sorta had a lot going on last week. This is the final installment of our summer checklist, so enjoy it and let us know if you’re able to put any of these strategies into action this year. We truly believe that […]