Make a splash

Our Fiscal Year-End Resource Library

As the days get longer and the temperature rises, so does the pressure to achieve big fundraising goals before the fiscal year ends. We’ve gathered our best resources to help make this fiscal year-end a scorching success.

Crank up the tunes, grab your floaties, and jump in – let’s make some
fundraising waves together!

Guides for full coverage

These planning templates will leave you and your team feeling ready to take the plunge and go all-in on your fiscal year-end strategy.

Microcampaign Planning Workbook

The tried-and-true method that Williams College uses to create targeted mini-campaigns that inspire donations

4-Steps to Smarter Travel

Ace your trip planning with tips, templates, and tech, inspired by the Baylor team

10 ways to get responses from unresponsive donors

The best tips and tricks in the trade from DXOs who manage portfolios of 1,000 donors

The DX Starter Kit

Test out these 7 touchpoints over 30 days with a targeted subset of donors

Ideas to help you make waves

Just like a lively pool party, engaging and inspiring your donors requires creativity, energy, and a touch of fun. Think “outside the pool” and make a big splash with these unique outreach tactics. 

Prospect heatmaps to target previously-overlooked alums

Featuring Baylor University

Celebrating your job-changing alums

Featuring NC State University

Creating targeted campaigns that inspire donations

Featuring Williams College

Searching past contact reports by keyword

Featuring the University of New Hampshire

Strategies to stay afloat

During the fiscal year-end frenzy, it’s easy to feel like you’re treading water while struggling to connect with those hard-to-reach donors. These refreshing ideas will keep your engagement efforts buoyant!

Sweet tips to keep you cool

We’ve gathered a pool of ideas to help you deepen relationships with every prospect in your portfolio. From the donors already making cannonball gifts to the hard-to-reach ones hiding in the deep end, we’ve got you covered!

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