Webinar: 10 Ways AI will change Advancement

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: 10 ways AI will change advancement Brent Grinna CEO and Founder, EverTrue Armin Afsahi Vice President for Alumni Relations and Development, University of Chicago Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming how we work, live, and learn. In this webinar, Brent Grinna and Armin Afsahi: Explore how for-profit industries have embraced AI and how advancement […]

Webinar: Building a seamless relationship between Endowment Finance and Advancement Services

WEBINAR: Did we just become best friends? Building a seamless relationship between Endowment Finance and Advancement services Lynne Wester DRGroup Aaron Dotson EverTrue Let’s face it: Financial endowment reporting contains complex processes that can cause frustrations and hinder relationships between accounting and advancement services teams. But, it doesn’t need to be that way! Aaron and […]

Webinar: Why Data Visualization Matters

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Why Data Visualization Matters Using technology to enable quicker decisions that drive results Erin Moran Director of Commercial EnablementEverTrue Ron Eisenstein Tableau ArchitectEverTrue Advancements in data visualization tools have made it possible to explore our fundraising data in ways we never thought possible. But while business intelligence software is fairly new, data visualization […]

Webinar: Remote Work & Advancement: How UVA embraced the “new normal”

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Remote work and Advancement How UVA embraced the “new normal” and increased employee retention Brent Grinna CEO EverTrue Julie Featherstone Sr. AVP of Advancement Operations University of Virginia Ashley Privott Sr. Director for People Operations University of Virginia Advancement shops are facing a significant issue: an unprecedented increase in employee attrition rates. The […]

Webinar: Turning “Congrats” into “Let’s Chat”

WEBINAR: Turning “Congrats” into “Let’s Chat”: Using personalized video and direct mail to congratulate your donors Jack Tennant University of Wyoming Madison Kaufman Lousiana Tech University Reshunda Mahone North Carolina State University Colleges and universities pride themselves on providing degrees that shape the careers of their graduates. And yet, more than 95% of alumni job […]

Webinar: Mastering the handoff: Building an org chart to propel pipeline

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Mastering the Handoff: Building an org chart to propel pipeline Institutions across the country are facing a similar challenge: There’s a big gap between annual giving donors and major gift prospects. Elevating loyal annual giving donors to the major gift level can feel like a daunting task. And determining an effective team structure […]

Webinar: Endowment Reporting at Large Institutions

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Endowment Reporting at Large Institutions Lynne Wester DRGroup Brandy Polo UNC Chapel Hill If you manage endowment reporting at a large institution, you know the complexities that come with reporting processes. The good news? Institutions across the country face the same challenges – and overcome them with the help of on-demand digital endowment […]

Webinar: Data Driving Strategy with Memphis

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Data Driving Results Kimberly Grantham AVP, University Advancement The University of Memphis Hannah Waldman Senior Director, Principle Gifts The University of Memphis When Memphis hired a new president, the Advancement team saw an opportunity. Using data they had in EverTrue to identify likely prospects, they built out an intentional engagement plan as part […]

Webinar: Using New Channels with Seattle University

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Using new channels to create FOMO (and pipeline) Ellen Whitlock Baker AVP, Alumni Engagement Seattle University JD Beebe President EverTrue What do throwing out a first pitch and engaging thousands of alums through personalized video have in common? They’re both ways to create a memorable experience and sense of belonging among your biggest […]

Webinar: Live from the DX newsroom

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Live from the DX Newsroom Maureen Camerato Donor Experience Program Manager EverTrue Anthony Munoz Donor Experience Program Manager EverTrue EverTrue partners with institutions across the country to hire, train, and coach Donor Experience Officers who each manage portfolios of 1,000 previously-overlooked donors.  We know amazing things happen when you “trust the process” – from […]

Webinar: Finance + Donor Relations: Bridging the gaps of endowment reporting

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Finance + Donor Relations: Bridging the divide of endowment reporting This webinar walks through an all-in-one solution to end the woes of disparate and disconnected endowment reporting.  Donor Relations pros: Send this to your fierce Finance friends. Finance experts: Send this to your delightful Donor Relations doers. We showcase how to (finally) bridge the […]

Webinar: On-demand direct mail bootcamp

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: On-demand Direct Mail Bootcamp Karli Oosterbaan Hannah Davis Take what you think you know about direct mail and throw it away! We’re talking on-demand direct mail. You may be thinking…”Direct mail = snail mail”. We’re used to long lead times, extensive planning, and plenty of back-and-forth. But what if we told you there […]